May 28, 2024

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Virtual reality increases insurance and casualty claims

Virtual reality increases insurance and casualty claims

A man sitting in his room using a white virtual reality headset.

Photo: Sergio Flores (Getty Images)

Please, be careful the next time you wear a VR headset and go for the latest MMO . madness or Saber won. Otherwise, you may end up hurting yourself or someone else or breaking something. If so, you will not be alone. According to a UK insurer, claims related to virtual reality are on the rise, with a significant spike in 2021.

As I mentioned Watchman2021 saw 31% Increasing the number of insurance claims related to virtual reality. This data comes from the insurance company Aviva Who told the UK outlet that There has been a significant increase in people breaking into and breaking valuable pieces of furniture or televisions.

According to Kelly Whittington, Director of Aviva UK, this is a popular trend as new gadgets and entertainment products are becoming popular. “In the past, we’ve seen similar trends with mobile-equipped consoles, fitness games, and even rogue spinners,” Whittington said. the guardian.

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Since 2016, according to Aviva, VR-related insurance claims have risen 68%. The most common allegations often involve malfunctioning TVs where people swing violently, trying to kill zombies, aliens, or other players. The average claim related to virtual reality is about $922 (£650)

Aviva warns people to be more careful When playing VR To make sure the area around them is clean. It’s also not surprising that people suggest adding accidental damage coverage to their home insurance plans. I suggest you just clear an area and maybe hide the expensive things in your room before jumping in Arizona Sunshine.

It shouldn’t come as a shock to hear from Aviva thatOculus Quest 2 continues to sell wellThe year 2022 has already seen an increase in claims related to virtual reality. It is likely that as VR technology becomes cheaper and more accessible, more people will end up with Smashing things or kicking things while enjoying metaversee.

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