July 14, 2024

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What does he say about the incident with Satie at the MAD VMAs

What does he say about the incident with Satie at the MAD VMAs

The viral scene with Athenaida Nega’s Marina Satti award at the MAD VMA 2024. The journalist responded to the “yawning” remark.

her attitude, After the “uproar” caused by Marina Satti’s award At MAD VMA 2024, he wanted to express Athenaes Nega.

Marina Satti received an award at the music festival yesterday “Best pop artistThe well-known journalist and broadcaster was invited to present the award.

Nigga, before you say Marina Satie’s name, She commented on her famous “yawn.” During the much-discussed press conference in Eurovision 2024 And be sure to tell the audience that he disagrees with her.

“I’m here to give the award for Best Pop Artist. I could yawn, but I won’t, because I really appreciate her as a singer, even though I disagree with her. Marina come on” Athenaida Nega said characteristically.

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Her remark sparked a wave of reactions, with a large portion of Marina Sati’s fans, but also social media users in general, claiming that It was out of place at the timebecause it was an award-winning moment.

Athenides Nega’s answer to Sati

A few hours later, Athenais Negga wrote a post on her Twitter account, in which she wanted to defend her position, saying:

“If I express a strong disagreement with someone and I can’t warm to it after a few days, that would be hypocrisy. We are not children to change everything. I sincerely appreciate talent. In an age where ‘I am myself’ is the norm, there is also difficult integrity.” , which you choose.

Several Twitter users responded that she was there to do a specific job, which was to present the award, commenting:

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“Maybe I’m not up for awards! I wasn’t paid, so they didn’t throw their money away. It’s an honor to honor artists Sati I appreciate and I don’t agree.” And if someone said “I disagree with you” to my children, if granted I would find that very legitimate. sincerely”.

And at another point: “There were other nominees and I found out the winner on the same day. I got into a relatively difficult situation because I expressed that I didn’t agree with her, and I appreciated her talent… “I just disagree with her, I don’t hate her or take anything from her success.”

Then Negga said in her statements on the “Breakfast SuSu” program:

“I knew she wasn’t the only candidate, there were several candidates. I don’t know the music scene well enough to judge the final winner. On the same day I learned that it would be Marina Satie, whom, as I said, I admire as a singer. I really think she’s a good singer.

But, regardless, I expressed my opposition to her behavior. Because I’m that kind of person by nature, I thought, “Okay, I’ll give her the award, but I have to say I don’t agree with her.”. I didn’t want any loss and there wasn’t. There are comments on Twitter, but there is no earthquake around the world. There are issues far more serious and more chilling.

And if someone was rewarding my child, if someone said, “You’re good at what you do, but I don’t agree with it,” I wouldn’t consider that to be too scary. This is my own style and mood, and I do not feel that I am spoiling anyone’s joy. “Many great artists around the world are controversial and never lose their spark.”

I realized that I was not the right person for this job, for this award. Maybe the fact that I have an opinion and I’m a little heavier or older may not suit me. I believe that this opinion should be expressed and you should stick to your opinion“.

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