June 25, 2024

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What is this “red carpet” in the streets – what do you do when you see it?

What is this “red carpet” in the streets – what do you do when you see it?

A red “carpet” has begun to enter the streets of European cities, while police authorities begin to explain its importance to confused drivers.

The ‘battle’ to improve road safety continues on roads almost everywhere around the world with the aim of eliminating fatal road accidents that needlessly claim the lives of thousands of people every year.

On the Old Continent, and even more so in the European Union, the goal is to reduce fatal traffic accidents to zero, at a time when… Last year, more than 20 thousand people lost their lives, while the goal set is to achieve a 50% reduction by 2030 with a reference year of 2019..

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In addition to the common measures applied by Member States to reduce traffic accidents, there are other measures that each country applies locally and of course also in other parts of the world.

Typical examples of this are what happened in New Zealand, Australia and Great Britain, where the competent authorities in these countries found a new way to inform and warn drivers to reduce the speed at which they were moving.

We are talking about the so-called Entry processing into towns (ΤΕΤ)which refers to the comprehensive changes made to the road leading to the entrance to the city The common denominator between them is the red “carpet” as it is called, painting a large part of the road in this color.

TET applications may differ from each other depending on the route.  However, it remains
TET applications may differ from each other depending on the route. But the “red carpet” remains

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Except for the red carpet The rest of the changes in the waypoint where TET is applied have to do with the change in lane width Resulting from changes in horizontal road markings. Signs can also be used in parallel to inform drivers of the new and lower speed limit they must observe.

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TET is being implemented at city entrances so that drivers are more aware of the fact ahead of time They move into an environment where they have to move at a slower speed.

Meanwhile, TET is not implemented in all cities, but in those where data are collected by the country’s traffic police They show a relatively increased number of traffic accidents and when the new urban speed limit has a difference of more than 20 km/h Regarding what the driver in question had previously observed.

To date, every country that has implemented TET in a city has seen a reduction in the speed at which drivers travel and the frequency of road accidents. In New Zealand actually Traffic accidents decreased by 26%.

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