April 13, 2024

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What the cook says about being stabbed for a loaf of bread

What the cook says about being stabbed for a loaf of bread

A 55-year-old man has been remanded in custody One is accused of stabbing him in the stomach A 65-year-old chef Menemeni at Oso in Thessaloniki. The incident took place in early March, after an argument between them, on the occasion of a piece of shortbread, where the defendant – the patron of the shop – expressed complaints.

«He should be punished, I don't want an apology or anything. Whatever he gives I can't and can't see why He is the man. I don't sleep through the night, I wake up after 7am until 9-10am and sleep till then. Not anymore, because I'll be in pain againThe 65-year-old chef spoke to Mega.

And on how the incident happened, he said, “He calls me and says I need something light to eat. I call it light, I have chicken soup, green rice. Then he tells me “no, none of them are light meat”. If we go to meat, I have chicken of the day and I have shortbread. He says to me, “Give me a kantosovli and a kefalothiri chaganaki and a french fry.” I serve kontosouvli with pilaf. I hear her calling me from the kitchen. I went out and he said to me “Would you tell me if the shorts are of today or old?” I say they are today, I don't have yesterday. He starts cursing my mom, gets angry, I say “stop”. I am 65 years old, professional, you will not scold my mother.

He panicked, got up, grabbed the fork and came to me. He also took a knife and stabbed me in the stomach. He stopped the motorcycle in front of the shop and was cursing. The doctors told me, “If you had not come, you would have died in 3 minutes» The 65-year-old chef concluded.

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It is commemorated at the expense of a 55-year-old man An arrest warrant was issued for attempted murder. In his apology, he said he was drunk and acted on instinct (grabbing the knife from the table) when the chef attacked him.