July 22, 2024

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What the forensic examination showed of the causes of his death

What the forensic examination showed of the causes of his death

in a heavy traumatic brain injury Worthy the death by composer Noti Mavroudiswho met a tragic death and died at the age of 77, spreading grief in the art world and beyond.

As the forensic examination showed, the The composer crept from floor to floor and hit his headAccording to the medical examiner, Mrs. Rubini Leontari, who indicated that the fall occurred from a height.

Notis Mavroudis, reports gegonota. news, Kokurava would leave in Makrinitsa where he had set up a holiday home, only to return a few days later. On the way out he preceded his wife and when she came down the cobblestone she saw him lying on the ground.

His wife, unable to believe what had happened, called EKAV. A mobile unit accompanied by a doctor went to the scene and found Naughty Mavrudis covered in blood. As it turned out, the composer was dying.

Saturday, the civil funeral in Khalandri

Saturday morning, 10:30, Mr. PoliticianNoti Mavroudis’ funeral is in Khalandri, while his cremation at Ritsona Crematorium will follow.

daughter Nutty MavrodiHaris, gave via Facebook details of his father’s funeral, and that the family wanted money in lieu of wreaths.


The civil funeral for our father Notis Mavroudis will take place at Chalandrio Cemetery on Saturday 7/01 at 10:30 am and then we will go to Ritsona crematorium at 13:00.

The desire of our family, instead of wreaths, to collect money for the purchase of musical instruments for the Youth Symphony Orchestra of the Municipality of Halandri.

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Deposit account: Alpha Bank FLYA SA IVAN GR 0301403600360002320000087

Thank you for your love and support.

his family.

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