February 26, 2024

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Wheel of Fortune: The player made history

Wheel of Fortune: The player made history

The largest amount and car were donated before Wheel of fortune On the evening of Tuesday, February 6th for this season.

Anya managed to make history on the popular game show Star, after she was able to answer 80% of the puzzles correctly and won not only 7,550 euros but also the car.

28-year-old Anya traveled from Thessaloniki to come and play in “Wheel of Fortune” which she is watching with passion!

The player with the special name, it was already seen from the first spin of the wheel how intense the game she was going to be. Anya solves the first puzzle easily and continues strong in the second round, collecting large sums of money as well as the wild card and managing to solve the puzzle without allowing any of her teammates to play.

By solving three puzzles in a row, the amount has already exceeded 2000 euros in the first stage of the game. The Anya phenomenon, as described by Petros Polychronides, solves the second word battle, and continues into the fourth round of the game and tirelessly solves this puzzle as well! The player misses a letter in the fifth round and this is the only puzzle in the entire game that they do not solve.

Anya successfully completed the sixth round, thanks to her luck but also to the misfortune of her teammates, Adam and Maria. Maria has a chance to solve the seventh puzzle, but she fails and Anya solves it as well, and goes to the eighth additional round, having collected 3,425 euros!
In the eighth puzzle, he picks up the wheel chip with the exclamation mark on it, wins the jackpot and exceeds €7,000!

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The sweeping Anya, whose luck has never left her, solves the puzzle and goes to the final with €7,550, one of the biggest sums ever collected by any player!

In the final, Anya solved the “Sew and Untie” puzzle just before the end of time and won as well as €7,550 and a big “Wheel of Fortune” gift, a Jeep Renegade E-Hybrid!

Petros Polychronides opened the envelope and when the word “car” appeared, he and Natasa Kovilas celebrated the lucky player’s big win.