February 20, 2024

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They sell Tzani as a slave

They sell Tzani as a slave

Susana Capitaño

The Witch: The developments in the upcoming episodes of the series will be shocking as they sell Janice as a slave.

From living rooms to classroom floors.

The only hope for Andrei and Theophano is the woman they went to visit in Monemvasia.

The Witch: Andrei and Theophano are arrested

The witch-Theophano-

Witch: I don't love him, I hate him – Marcus and Metaxia are separated

However, according to MyTV magazine, at the same time Theophanus' persecutor has finally found his target and their lives are on the line.

Calliope Haska the Witch: Shameless Metaxia is the final icon in the series

The Witch: Andrei is angry with worry for Theophano

Witch: Kirasina does not die, she is punished

While this is happening, Janis is told to survive outside the tower, as Marcus chases him away.

Witch: Theophano will learn that her mother has fallen victim to the gyracrid

Witch: They sell Tzanny as a slave

Witch: The moment we've all been waiting for is coming

The young man is saved by an unknown man who offers to help him, but this turns out to be his worst nightmare. Tzannis falls victim to the slave trade and prepares to be sold in a distant country.

Mophorus appears before him, asking the slave trader to buy that tan, but the process will be difficult and dangerous.

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