July 20, 2024

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Survivor Spoiler 7/2: Final and closed! They won the food award!

Survivor Spoiler 7/2: Final and closed!  They won the food award!

Final and confirmed spoiler for which team wins the food prize on Survivor. Celebrities or fighters?

Survivor Spoiler 7/2: The Survivor He's on the fence again. This time the menu has Competition with food prize. Which team will eat tonight in the episode we will see sky; Celebrities or fighters?

We don't always have it Survivor spoiler In our hands. This time we know The team that wins the food prize. Very crucial for both. Because of The fighters They are within their limits. There is no food, no victories, no psychology, all in the blue camp. The overall score is 12-7. While this week is shocking.

Week 5 proved disastrous for the Blues. Vagumara has only two defeats so far. The question is, can this be reversed in what we see tonight? Danae V mediatime She made her predictions for The team that wins the food prize.

The question is, did it happen?

Survivor Spoiler 7/2: They take the prize!

Can the Blue Team pull off the surprise? Is it possible for the fighters to pull off an upset and win the prize?


Celebrities win a food prize tonight and go with a SUV this week. The overall score will rise to 13-7, the largest margin between the two teams since Survivor 2024 began.

Let's see what plugins can change.

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