June 25, 2024

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Zodiac signs 08/02 Strong emotions are packed today – detailed forecast for each sign

Zodiac signs 08/02 Strong emotions are packed today – detailed forecast for each sign

Today, avoid important work between 2 pm and 4 pm due to the Moon being in the void, of course. The Moon in Aquarius, after the end of this time period, changes the setting of the day. Together with Pluto, they bring to the surface intense emotions that are prone to creating problems if the energy is not directed into adult productive channels. Zodiac signs and ascendants in detail. . .

For pregnancyEither due to external events or due to different thoughts you may not be in a good state today. The best thing you can do is relax and rest physically and mentally.

For TaurusFeelings of frustration may guide your steps today, but you may not see things very objectively. Make calculated moves and act with logic rather than being carried away by your emotions.

For Gemini, A situation can deceive you at this moment so it would be good to act with wisdom and style. Not everything is suitable for all times and you must organize appropriately according to each situation.

For cancerThe dynamics of planetary energies are particularly intense at this moment, so it would be good to make calculated and organized movements. Your thoughts should be focused and you should be absolutely sure of what you are doing to achieve the goal you choose.

For LeoToday it would be good to proceed with your plan carefully and be cautious especially in the face of an uncertain situation. Take your time before making a decision and drive safely.

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For those born under VirgoThe need to do things that give you happiness will guide your steps today but the planetary dynamics are not as supportive as you would like. Therefore, give your energy only to what you are sure will achieve the result.

For LibraProceed with extra caution and a well-organized plan today. The conditions are fluid and the planetary dynamics are not particularly supportive. Avoid major actions and conflicts.

For ScorpioHealth issues or anything mobilized in your immediate environment may charge you today, so it would be good to find time to rest mainly on a mental level. This is not the time to go outside. Instead, get organized.

For SagittariusToday you may enter into different ideas that may put you in dilemmas. Although you are encouraged to find the path you want to follow, it is best not to make a decision today. Wait two days for the new moon to occur.

For CapricornThe moon is in your sign until noon pushing you to do things for yourself and your personal growth. The rest of the planetary movements are not supportive, so you will need to think carefully about your actions and regulate yourself as the case may be, especially from the afternoon onwards.

For AquariusDifferent ideas at this time may take you from one place to another and it may not be easy to decide what you want to do in the end. It makes perfect sense because of the planetary data, so stick with your thoughts as long as possible.

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For whalePlanetary dynamics are particularly intense today, so you should be absolutely sure of the actions you decide to take. It would be best to wait an additional two days for the new moon before drawing any final conclusions.