April 1, 2023

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When does application start and what should you look for? – Makeleio.gr

At the end of April, the ENFIA 2023 settlement data is expected to be released, while the payment is expected to be made in 10 installments with the first installment being paid by the end of May and the last by the end of February 2024. The tax returns are expected to start from The end of March, and the tax will be paid in 8 monthly installments, with the first at the end of July and the last at the end of February 2024.

Codes that result in a tax deduction require special attention when completing a tax return, such as:

  • Electronic receipts (new code with expense income reduced by 30%)
  • number of children
  • A disability rate of 67% and above with a discount of €200
  • Pay insurance premiums to buy insurance time
  • Tax-exempt amounts and solidarity contribution (sale of assets, OPCA welfare benefits, inheritance – donations, etc.)
  • Uncollected rents (full exemption)
  • Donations to charities (20% discount)

In fact, until March 31, it is possible to submit any changes and corrections to the 2022 data to the tax authorities in connection with the following:

  • Acquisition of property (purchase, gift – parental benefit, inheritance)
  • Transfer of ownership (donation – parental benefit, sale)
  • Data modification (modification, declaration by square meter in municipalities)

What are the most common mistakes?

According to tax expert Athanasia Stolakis telling ERT, the most common errors are:

  • In-kind rights – percentage of joint ownership
  • Building on a piece of land
  • The age of the beneficiary
  • Semi outdoor spaces
  • Utility spaces (tax reduced by 90%)
  • Unfinished or non-electrical properties (60% off)
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It is also important that ENFIA patches for previous years are submitted without penalty.