April 19, 2024

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When does the platform open for submitting applications?

Ha Thursday 14 March 14:00 Submitting applications for the programTourism for All 2024» which includes for the first time an increased holiday voucher (voucher) Value up to 400 euros.

Beneficiaries They can For one version Intangible digital discount CardWhich they will use during their stay in any hotel or accommodation in the country of their choice.

It is noteworthy that the program, whose total budget amounts to 25,694,539.89 euros and ends on 12/31/2024, has obtained New features and improved social standards.

New standards

  • – Increase the income standard for all by 3,000 euros compared to 2022-2023,
  • Increase the amount in the general category from 150 euros to 200 euros for everyone,
  • Creation of new categories of special social groups that will receive a grant of 300 euros: pensioners from all funds, married or cohabiting people with three or more children, single people and widows with protected children,
  • Double the grant offered to our citizens with disabilities or who have disabled children from €200 to €400.

Amounts and beneficiaries

In particular, through the programme, after submitting the online application and selecting by lottery, financial assistance is awarded as follows:

The amount of height 200 euros for natural persons Which meet Income standards.

The amount of height 300 euros for natural persons:

  • Not married or widowed with dependent children, based on the last declaration cleared when filing for your 2022 personal income tax return,
  • Married or party to a cohabitation agreement with three or more protected children, based on the most recently purged return when filing for a joint or separate 2022 personal income tax return.
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It is noted that the presence of the above-mentioned number of children is used as an excuse in order to obtain the increaseAid is possible once.

  • Pensioners from all funds By final decision, an old-age pension will be granted until 12/31/2022 to those who meet the conditions stipulated in Article 2.

The amount of height 400 euros especially for the disabledwith the overall price decision in place The disability rate is 67% and above When submitting the application, as well as for beneficiaries of disabled children for whom a valid decision was issued with a total disability of 67% or more upon submitting the application, in accordance with the procedures set forth in Article (5). It is noted that the summons is in case of disability Possible once, either by an applicant with a disability or an applicant who has a child with a disability, who meets the conditions stipulated in Article 2.

  1. In the case of a beneficiary who meets the conditions of more than one of the categories mentioned above, the request is classified within the category with the maximum support amount.
  2. The above mentioned amounts belong exclusively to the beneficiary and do not increase in the case of dependent members.

Income standards

The income criteria everyone must apply for are set out as follows:

Individuals (married or widowed natural persons) Family (marriage and cohabitation parties)

  • Without children 19,000 – 31,000
  • With one child 20,500 – 32,500
  • With two children 22,000 – 34,000
  • With 3 children 24000 – 36000
  • With a larger number of children 29,000 – 41,000
  • Potential beneficiaries are those who have filed a final personal income tax return by the timely filing deadline for the 2022 tax year, and who have been cleared by the filing deadline.
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Messages from the leadership of the Ministry of Tourism

Minister of Tourism Dr Olga Kefalogianni He emphasized the strong social footprint of the new program with great support for beneficiaries, increased income standard, and the inclusion of new categories of special social groups. It is, he said, part of the government's broader effort to support Greek households and businesses as well Within the Ministry's new strategy for the sustainability of the tourism product. The Minister added that she is promoting the goal of extending the tourist season and aims to immediately enhance domestic tourism activity.

The wider use of the program by our citizens but also by Hotel ownersIt will also enhance mountainous regions of our country, Which operates mainly outside the summer season. Finally, thanks in advance to the hotel units that will support the “Tourism for All” program this year and provide the beneficiaries with the best hospitality. The Minister concluded that recruiting everyone with the aim of developing tourism and providing high-level services contributes to the faster development of the Greek tourism product.

Deputy Minister of Tourism Dr elena rapti, Pointing out that it is improved for the benefit of the beneficiaries and at the same time developmental for the benefit of Greek tourism as a whole. Ms. Elena Rapti added that the Ministry of Tourism is responding to the multiple bets, to cover the need for vacations, especially for those who cannot take them easily. Enhancing the sustainability of destinations and expanding tourism activity throughout the country beyond the usual peak months.

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Finally, he extends his thanks to all those working in the services of the Ministry of Tourism and Information Society, whose employees led the completion of the project in a systematic manner.