May 22, 2024

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When will Survivor, MasterChef and the series say goodbye to Easter?

When will Survivor, MasterChef and the series say goodbye to Easter?

the television I'll make it small break For Easter days…

Every year, as this year, the channels enter into an atmosphere of uncertainty during Holy Week and temporarily stop their usual schedule. The audience will “lose” their favorite programs for a few days, to be replaced by religious series and films.

It is noteworthy that the series “Survivor” on SKAI – according to programming so far – will end on Maundy Thursday. In fact, the production is preparing several surprises for the remaining players to traditionally celebrate in Saint Dominic. The “MasterChef” cooking competition, the STAR competition, will bid farewell to the public on Tuesday at the Shrove. He will take a short break, and will return after Easter with many ups and downs.

On the Alpha front, until Holy Wednesday, the series “Sasmus” and “Ladies’ Paradise” will keep viewers company. The two fictional productions will be off the air for a few days before returning to now enter the final stage to the final finale.

This year's big hit, “Land of Olives” on MEGA, as well as “Shipwreck”, will be on the TV scene until Holy Tuesday. Then they will give the baton to repeat the “Agios Paisios” series… As for ANT1? “Psychokores” and “Erotas Phygas” will be played until Holy Wednesday. The two series will take a short break, as Amarosio TV will broadcast the religious production “Jesus of Nazareth” in the evening zone.

The world's most popular and wonderful series in the history of television is a huge and complete work, written with mastery and simplicity by the great creator Fracus Zeffirelli. The Italian composer presented the Passion of the Lord with reverence and religious devotion, representing the events with faith in Scripture and absolute respect for the sanctity of the subject.

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Filming took place in the original locations and employed an excellent cast of actors such as Sir Lorius Olivier, the expressive Ave Bevecroft, the beautiful Olivia Hussey, Anthony Coffe, Michael York and of course the gorgeous, divine blue-eyed Robert Powell.