June 23, 2024

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Where are you from Kassalakis: Journalist Thanos Dematis denies claims about New York home

Where are you from Kassalakis: Journalist Thanos Dematis denies claims about New York home

Journalist Thanos Dematis dismisses Stefanos Kasselakis as “Both Ashes” for Excel’s inaccurate data.

In his post, the journalist, active in the United States, accused Stefanos Kassalakis of false information regarding his speech in Thessaloniki.

“Where Are You From” Kassalakis:

Mr Dematis is releasing “public and public” documents which he says prove the Syriza president’s claims about the New York house.

Journalist Thanos Dematis’s post about the “Bothene Schs” Kassalakis:

Documents of the United States Mr. reject Kassalakis. Mr. as nowhere. In an electronic affidavit filed by Kassalakis, he claims he owns the New York home and bought it in 2022 for $225,000. He is a shareholder of OSIOS LLC in Delaware.

In the US investigation, Mr. New lies emerge from Kassalakis, who has the art of never revealing the whole truth of things.

Publicly available United States government documents for anyone who, like me, wants to make a full and proper investigation, have Mr. It shows that Kassalakis is lying.

So here’s what official US documents say:

On March 28, 2022, Mr. Kasselakis bought the house in New York with a loan of one million six hundred and twenty thousand dollars. Instead of paying for the house out of pocket, he took out a loan and paid off the cross-country mortgage to the bank.

On March 24, 2023, a year after buying the house with the bank’s money, Mr. The Kasselakis are transferring ownership of the home, the entire amount owed to Cross Country Mortgage Bank, to Whimsy Woods LLC. Delaware. Therefore, Mr. Kassalakis is lying about owning the house in New York because the house was transferred to Wizzy Woods LLC and, as he falsely claims, Mr.

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Mr. Whimsy Woods LLC’s registered address in Delaware is his home address in Miami. The matter gets even more interesting as the investigation shows that it is the same address that Kassalakis mentions in the transfer deed. Mr. Kassalakis is a partner in Whimsy Woods LLC, so the company’s address is the same as his home address in Miami. Mr. Another lie from Kassalakis.

A double liar, therefore, Mr. Kassalakis. As if that weren’t enough, a search shows that Delaware lists Whimsy Woods LLC as delinquent in taxes.

The documents are listed below because, I repeat, everything is in public access to anyone in America, Mr. In contrast to the opaque philosophy that Kassalakis was trying to introduce in Greece.

SYRIZA against Dimatis: Attempted defamation of Kassalakis – legal action against him

SYRIZA, with its announcement on Wednesday night, insists there is a “desperate attempt to throw mud at Stefanos Kassalakis”, while noting that “they did not bother to write down the exact location of the property”.

“Maximos’s paid gun, Proto Thema, and the journalist Mr. Dimadis (known from the Peruca-Gate scandal) are today in another desperate attempt to throw mud at Stephanos Kassalakis. They are angry that they didn’t even write down the exact location of the property.

Stefanos Kasselakis wants to take legal action against the media and the journalist and anyone who perpetuates these lies.

Let the Prime Minister now open the online platform for both to file nominations for 2023. The Prime Minister rules. Why doesn’t it open the platform? Is he hiding something or trying to capture the opposition leader?

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Documents published by Thanos Dematis

Tyler McBeth, owner of the Barry chain, opened a gym in Miami

At the same time, Tyler Macbeth, husband of SYRIZA leader Stefanos Kassalakis, opened a gym in Miami.

Tyler McBeth opened a gym in the “Barry’s” chain called Paris Grease in Miami.

Barry’s Gym was opened in Miami by Tyler McBeth

According to related documents, Barry’s Grease LLC is a business entity based in Miami, Florida. The company, recently established on March 25, 2024, is still in its initial phase of operations.

The Company’s principal and mailing address is 3250 Ne 1st Ave., #105, Miami, FL 33137.

Bari is a fitness brand that offers high intensity workouts. The company was founded in 1998 in Los Angeles. Barry currently has more than 70 studios in 14 countries, the majority of which are in the United States.

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