June 19, 2024

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Contaminated Water in Magnesia: Non-Chlorination Behind Drought, Power Outages and Salmonella

Contaminated Water in Magnesia: Non-Chlorination Behind Drought, Power Outages and Salmonella

Three risk factors related to contaminated water in Magnesia were discussed by the district and EODY during a joint press conference Thursday morning (06.06.24), with dozens of cases of salmonella and resulting gastroenteritis still being investigated. .

Drought, Water and electricity barriersAnd No chlorination“See” behind salmonella in water in the Magnesia area and EODY, together, presented the results of new samples today.

The Regional Governor of Thessaly, Dimitris Kouretas, and the President of EODY, Prof. Christos Hatzichristoulo, gave detailed information on the contaminated water in Rizomylo and Stefanovikio today.

Mr. Hatzichristodoulou He said that Salmonella was identified in the water and clinical samples, Salmonella was detected in one of the three boreholes, the second was clean and the third had microbial load, the cause is under investigation.

According to him, then A period of great droughtIn the past few months, water has broken in many placesn cracks in the floorThis may have contributed to contamination from the gardens, while chlorination was not done in the tank.

“This fact needs to be investigated. There was a period of drought, then heavy rains, salmonella was found and it looks like it went into the tank, while we had periods of water and power outages, and this time we had no water chlorination.. All these factors seem to have contributed to this result,” he said.

«Steps are now being taken to clean up the entire network, with the goal of restoring water supplies early next week“, he emphasized.

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He also pointed out that something like this should be avoided through regular checks, so a plan of checks would be drawn up to prevent danger in other areas as well.

For his part, in addition to the municipality of Riga Ferrayo, Mr. Kouretas said, at the same time he announced that a comprehensive study would be carried out. The three municipalities and DEYA are obliged to implement a water risk assessment plan.

In total, as of yesterday, 121 cases of gastroenteritis have been registered and the phenomenon is now in remission.