June 23, 2024

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Greece was elected as a non-permanent member

Non-permanent membership UN Greece is chosen, as can be seen from Voting.

The Hellas A total of 182 votes and preferences were received Become a member of the UN Security Council her Period 2025 – 2026. Denmark, Panama, Somalia and Pakistan were also non-permanent members elected during the referendum.

The Five council members Those elected will begin their terms on January 1, in lieu of those whose two-year terms end on December 31— Mozambique, Japan, Ecuador, Malta and Switzerland.

All five countries have participated before Security Council – Pakistan seven times, Panama five times, Denmark four times, Greece twice and Somalia once.

Here’s what Gerapatridis said

“We discussed Greece’s election as a non-permanent member Security Council of United Nations OrganizationA position where Greece wants to consolidate and keep him vigorous North South, East WestTo create the voice of reason, the voice of international law United Nations OrganizationThe voice of Greece and all like-minded states can be heard,” stressed Mr. Gerapetridis.

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