July 22, 2024

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Which Hollywood star drives a country Toyota?

Which Hollywood star drives a country Toyota?

He may have starred in dozens of successful films, including the trilogy.the dark Knight“And he must have played his part Ken Miles in “stronghold against Ferrari“, but no Christian bale He stays… humble.

The English actor has made more than that 120 million dollarsHowever, he likes to drive one Pick up. One in particular Toyota Tacoma to 2003which never separates.

Of course, now we all know the news We are amazedBut for most of his fans, that's it a favour Fact in Hollywood. In an interview in reality, along with his co-star Matt Damon, and pointed out this love to him. Until the Dwayne Johnson known as “the rock“He knows his condition.

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Most people think that a star And all rich
People on the planet drive the best cars, but that's not the case. the Christian bale He doesn't care about material goods and proves it. On the other hand, it is “everlasting“A model. It never breaks.”

But he's not the only one. the sign Zuckerberg to deadwho has… “endless” money and can buy one Bugatti Chiron Every day for the next day 100 years And stay Extremely richand has been spotted circulating several times with Honda Jazz.

The same goes for the billionaire investor Warren Buffett, The sixth is richer Man on the ground. despite of 130 billion He is said to be driving one Sedan 10 years.

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