May 18, 2024

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Who is on strike, all the demands, how the media is moving

Who is on strike, all the demands, how the media is moving

Unions, confederations and labor centers are protesting over labor contracts, wages and overtime. Ships are tied up and transport routes are also on strike.

Nationwide strike march on Wednesday, April 17, 24-hour nationwide strike announced by GSEE, demanding wage increases and reinstatement of collective labor agreements, as well as effective measures to act on time.

GSEE states in its call:

“At a time when inflation has become a noose around workers' necks, inflation has depleted their incomes and eroded their purchasing power, GSEE has documented a proposal to raise the average salary by 60%. The poverty line and productivity growth and projected inflation. All of this comes at a time when Greece's share of business profits in national income is the highest in private sector workers' wages. Government announces minimum wage which is not suitable to the needs of the workers. A minimum wage worker does not in any way guarantee conditions such as not being below the poverty line and having a decent standard of living.”.

No metro and no trains

Also, On Wednesday, April 17, Attica Metro, electricity and railways will be without power Since GSEE's announcement that workers will participate in a 24-hour nationwide strike. Also, railways, suburban trains and trams will not operate.

City buses in Athens run from 09:00 to 21:00. The strike will last from the start of the shift to 9:00 and from 21:00 to the end of the shift. Buses are expected to operate normally on OASA routes taken over by KTEL.

Strike: Involvement of fixed orbit

More broadly, it announced participation in a 24-hour nationwide strike Panhellenic Federation of Railways and Fixed Track Vehicles.

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POS – MST must immediately recruit permanent employees with stable jobs, restore free negotiations of collective labor agreements, raise wages to cope with the crisis and cost of living, re-operate the railway network across Greece, improve rolling stock, complete reconstruction of infrastructures – facilities affected by disasters (e. .eg the Volos factory) and better working conditions everywhere.

Workers are on strike at OASTH

With 50 buses and security personnel Thessaloniki's urban transport will operate on Wednesday due to a 24-hour strike.

“OASTH informs passengers that the OASTH Workers Union has decided to participate in the 24-hour general strike announced by GSEE on Wednesday, April 17.

The mobilization will begin from the start of the morning shift, early Wednesday morning, and last until the end of the night shift, while the union will provide security personnel for a rotation of 50 buses.

Itineraries of vehicles specially equipped to serve the disabled and the N1 night route on the KTEL – Night Airport route will operate as usual. OASTH says in its announcement.

Ships are “moored” in ports.

“Greek sailors, due to the specialty of the maritime profession, are among the first to face the consequences of lack of time, because they are the only ones who, at best, work 5 to 6 months a year for themselves and for them. Families must live the time,” the Panhellenic Maritime Federation emphasizes in its announcement.

EINAP participates in the strike

Hospital doctors will also participate in the 24-hour strike. According to the declaration of the Association of Physicians of Athens Piraeus Hospitals.

“The Board of Directors of EINAP announces a 24-hour strike on 04/17/24, the day of the general strike of private sector employee unions.

We demand:

  • Afternoon operations should be stopped.
  • Double pay.
  • Double staff, permanent contract staff.
  • Doubling hospital funding.
  • Public and free healthcare for all.
  • We call on ADEDY and OENGE to declare a 24-hour strike on 04/17/24.

Accountants participation in strike

“The great strike on February 28 expressed the general anger in our homes, but also the anger of the attempt to cover up the responsibility of all the urban parties, ND, SYRIZA, PASOK, for the crime in Tempe. It sent a competing message to the bosses and the government that our lives are worth it! Workers, youth for the profits of business groups. , we will not tolerate the sacrifice of people's needs! We continue to intensify the fight in every workplace of the sector. We are preparing to hold labor strikes on April 17 and May 1”. says Association of Accountants to strike.

“The board of directors of POL calls upon all its member unions and all workers in the sector to take up the cause of victory of nationwide general strike on April 17 and May 1. Issue notices, organize meetings and meetings at workplaces, form union and strike committees for the success of the strike. “. The union ends.

Prior concentrations

At 9:30 am Meetings are scheduled ahead of a strike rally at Syntagma on Wednesday, April 17. Specifically, they are defined in the following points:

Kaningo's Square: Workers' confederations, trade unions and protest groups in the private sector.

Agreement: Federation of Craft Societies of Attica, Unions and Associations of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants, Women's Federation of Greece, Women's Associations and Groups, Mass Organizations of Attica Municipalities.

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Propylaea: Federations and Associations of Public Sector Employees, Student Unions, Apprenticeship Unions

There are pensioners' federations and trade unions The Council of State (47 – 49 University) meets outside the building at 9 a.m. on the topic of soliciting Easter and Christmas gifts..

Early meetings in Thessaloniki

In Thessaloniki, pre-meetings of associations and organizations are scheduled at 9.45am. On the following points:

Cimisky's Contribution – Aristotle: Trade unions, self-employed associations in the trade, food, tourism and service sectors.

Contribution of Venizelos – Ermo: Unions in construction, transport, food, chemical industry, energy and other private sector unions.

Carolo Till and Ermo: Trade Unions in IT and Telecom Sector, Women's Unions, OGE.

Agia Sophia Square: Unions in health, education, public, student unions, parent unions.

Strike on April 17 without ADEDY

Despite the absence of ADEDY, public sector employees will also participate in the strike, along with decisions by primary unions and confederations.

The three-hour strike will be organized by OLME.

Media strike on 16/4

By collective decision ESIEA, POESY, POSPERT, POEPTYM and ETIPTA A strike has been announced to all journalists, technicians and executives in public and private sector, ERT, GGE, APE-MPE, OTAs, press offices and platforms, all mass media (print, radio and television, online). 16 April 2024 at 5 AM to 17 April 2024 at 5 AM, Participating with all national workers in a 24-hour pan-Hellenic strike announced by the GSEE.