May 21, 2024

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When I was baptized, a cross formed from the oil in the water

When I was baptized, a cross formed from the oil in the water

The comments made by SYRIZA leader Stefanos Kassalakis during a meeting with US Archbishop Elpidophoros in New York on Monday night (15.4.24) made a big impact.

Stefanos Kasselakis met with Archbishop Elpidophoros of America and other priests in other dioceses and told them an incident from his baptism, according to

“I was baptized by Agios Salikis with Father Gryllos, and a cross was made from oil in water. Agios Salikis said to my parents: “He is a priest, or he will be very great”.

According to the same report, the head of SYRIZA, Archbishop Elpidophoros, looked at them and listened with rapture.

The Archbishop of the United States tweeted about the meeting with Stephanos Kassalakis, where he wrote:

“I am pleased to welcome Stephanos Kassalakis, leader of the official opposition, a child of our homogenia who respects and appreciates the role of our Church, to our archdiocese. I wish him success in his efforts for the progress of our beloved Greece”.

Once this was known, the meeting's focus was on national issues, issues of strengthening cooperation between society and the Greek state, and the interests of the Church.

For his part, Syriza's president reaffirmed his strong support for official opposition to the Ecumenical Patriarchate and of course the Archdiocese of the United States.

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Finally, Archbishop Elpidophoros expressed his happiness that a foreigner had assumed such an important position in the Greek government.

Post by Stefanos Kasselakis

SYRIZA's leader posted a post about his meeting with Archbishop Elpidoporos, describing him as an “enlightened man” and “an example of the inclusive, progressive, unitary role that the institution of the Church can play”.

“Here in New York, next to our compatriots, I believe in English – I received this great honor. To be part of Hellenism, which can unite Greeks far from Greece. In other words, this is the goal of my own existence in politics.

I also had an in-depth discussion with this enlightened man, Archbishop Elpidophoros, who exemplifies the inclusive, progressive, unitary role that the institution of the Church can play – and I am reminded of his pioneering passion for the Black Lives Matter movement. . I have made it clear from the first moment that I believe.”

“However, my personal belief is the same, the necessary regulation of the State-Church relationship, so that they have distinct roles, as I said from the first moment, we will do if elected, this is another. With prudent measures, with love, with consultation, Greece will become a modern European country, where Both companies will operate in parallel but independently,” Stefanos Kasselakis says in his post.

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