April 13, 2024

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Why does the STOP sign have eight corners – the answer will surprise you

Why does the STOP sign have eight corners – the answer will surprise you

Although it is the most important and widespread sign on Greek roads, there are few who can answer the question why the famous STOP has an octagonal shape.

to CokeViolating the STOP system is not just a violation, but dangerous driving behavior that entails – among other things – a very large fine.

Stop signs (STOP) are located at many road intersections, and they are considered one of the most important road signs because they play a crucial role in preventing traffic accidents.

The STOP sign is credited with being created by Harry Jackson, a police chief from Detroit, USA, who in 1915 worked as a traffic controller on a busy city street. Exasperated by the near-zero visibility at intersections and the high frequency of accidents, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

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He took a rectangular piece of plywood and cut off its corners, giving it a distinctive shape and dimension And he wrote STOP in the middle of it, Put it on the road. Harry Jackson soon discovered with great joy that the sign had done its best to reduce accidents.

A year later, Michigan also adopted STOP signs, and over the years they began appearing Many roads in the world attract the attention of drivers.

Stop sign

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Why is it appraised?

Today, they are established in the vast majority of countries in the world Octagon shape stop signs, Because they must be different from all other road signs, Attracts the eyes of drivers.

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At the same time, its shape helps the signal work They can be distinguished not only by drivers who encounter them and are forced to stop, But also from other drivers coming from opposite directions.

It is noteworthy that the STOP signal forces the vehicle to stop compulsorily at the signal location and not start again, until the driver is sure that he is able to do so without risk.

Stop sign

However, we must not forget that for KOK, Violating STOP is considered one of the most serious violations and risky driving behaviour.

Violators are subject to a fine of 700 eurosAt the same time, their driving licenses and vehicle plates are withdrawn for 20 days.

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