April 13, 2024

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Turkey: Upgrading four more Type 209 submarines – the “rift” with Greece is opening chaotically

Turkey: Upgrading four more Type 209 submarines – the “rift” with Greece is opening chaotically

Türkiye is implementing many programs to improve its submarine weaponry, the latest of which is the Engineering Studies and Supervision Company, STM, upgrade of 4 Gur-class submarines, Type 209/1400. The main focus of this upgrade will be the “Turkishness” of the submarines, i.e. the use of indigenous systems and technologies, in order to achieve uniformity in the fleet.

How Türkiye Makes Its Submarines Increasingly 'Turkish' Technologically

But what about Turkish submarines in general? Initially we have a program to build 6 new 214TN, Race class aircraftIt is somewhat larger than its Greek counterparts, and is more modern, incorporating the latest electronic systems and improvements. Among the Reiss, the first two, Piri Reis and Hezer Reis, have already been launched and are undergoing testing.

A mid-life upgrade program is already underway for the four Preveze-class submarines, i.e. Type 209/1400, built in the mid-to-late 1990s. These are newer and more modern than the Greek type 209/1200, while also being larger in displacement. The upgrade here includes new Hensoldt periscopes, new Muren combat system in cooperation with TUBITAK BILGEM Institute, integration of Turkish-made AKYA heavy torpedoes, new sonar, new wiring and hydraulic systems as well as cooling, new communications board (with link 16), new inertial navigation system, General mechanical improvement.

The Turkish MUREN submarine combat management system is already being tested and will enter service from 2022

And now he comes to complete the above, Upgrading the other four Gur-class Type 209/1400 aircraft, Which was separated from Preveze and subsequently acquired in 2003-2007. Obviously, the upgrade here will include systems similar to the Preveze, so homologation of the submarine fleet will also be achieved. STM took over the project as supervisor, but Aselsan, Havelsan and the shipbuilding association ASFAT are working together to complete the project. The latter is expected to last about 6 years.

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Thus, during the next decade, Türkiye will have in its fleet of submarines, 6 new build Type 214TN, 8 upgraded Type 209/1400, for a total of 14 ships, We also assume that the four older Type 209/1200 series will have been retired.

In fact, it is clear that these 14 ships, with greater homogeneity and local experience, will be more improved and advanced than the corresponding Greek fleet which will likely be limited to only 5 ships: That is, the 4 class 214HN, the “Papanikolis” class that needed an upgrade, and the “Oceanos”, the only 209 class to be upgraded. Because in a few years we will be retiring the last two Type 209/1100 and Type 3 209/1200 due to their age. In other words, we are talking about an imbalance against us, 3 to 1 numerically, and even greater qualitatively.

Turkey's Golcuk Shipyards: MILDEN submarine design will be completed in 2023

Which could get worse, given…

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