April 18, 2024

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Wild tree in the middle of the road – the distributor made contact with the pedestrian

disturbance Patras, A food delivery man held hands with a group of youths at noon on Tuesday (20/12).

The incident took place at a road junction Wotchi with its pedestrian street Riga Ferao. Accordingly failureIt all started the moment the youths were walking while the distributor was trying to cross.

The latter said something to the distributor and the verbal episode quickly turned into a hand-to-hand “fight”. They punched, kicked, dragged and silenced passers-by in the middle of the street. The intensity of the fighting caused parked motorcycles to fall down.

A police patrol car and two cyclists from the DIAS team rushed to the scene, chasing the youths who ran towards Agios Andrew. No one is known to have been arrested in this case yet.

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