June 25, 2024

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Will anyone know about the Haydos murders?

Will anyone know about the Haydos murders?

Heido and Margarita have an intense conversation about Alexis’ murder in the Land of the Olive Tree. Some of them were excited by this discussion, and others were disturbed, about Heidou Stefania.

Will anyone know about her murders? Will she, too, pay for the lives she took? We’ve all been wondering for a long time when Alexis will be judged for the murders he committed. Is today approaching Haidu too?

At the moment of recognition, Haidu bowed. In her attempt to comfort Margarita, she breaks down. As soon as I learned of Alexis’ murders, darkness ensued and many rushed to comment, via Twitter, on the old happenings of The Land of Olives.

Whatever it was, Lydia Conordo and Stella Ferruggi gave us a shocking moment, which will remain unforgettable.

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