May 28, 2024

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Windows 11: The developer has removed “unnecessary” elements and it only needs 3 GB on disk!

Windows 11: The developer has removed “unnecessary” elements and it only needs 3 GB on disk!

At the beginning of the year, we informed you about the impressive project of the developer with the online pseudonym “NTDev”, which created Tiny11special edition of Windows 11 Which removes all the unnecessary and which only needs 2GB of RAM to run. At the same time, this version of the operating system had a significantly smaller installation size, because instead of 20+ GB on disk, only 8 GB were needed.

Now, NTDev has gone to the other extreme with its introduction tiny11 operating system core. This time the developer not only focused on reducing the footprint of the operating system in RAM, but also focused more on the space occupied by Windows 11 on the disk. So he was able to shrink them down so that the installation would fit into one 2 GB ISO filewith all the required functionality at the end Only 3.3 GB on disk. This means that it reduced storage needs by about 6 times.

To achieve this, the developer took advantage of the CompactOS feature in Windows 10, which compresses all operating system files using the LZX algorithm. Then, when Windows needs a file, it decompresses it in real time.

Of course, Tiny11 is not a recommended operating system for everyday use. For example, NTDev indicates that the installation is unserviceable and that there are also security risks, as key subsystems have been removed or modified, such as Windows Defender, Recovery Agent, Microsoft Edge, and Windows Update. Additionally, because the Windows Component Store (WinSxS) has been removed, it is not possible to install new features and additional languages.

So what’s the point? tiny11’s core operating systems are intended to serve as a “rapid testing or development platform.” It may also be attractive for virtual machines. To this end, the core tiny11 operating systems still include all the necessary components to run most (if not all) applications designed for Windows.

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