March 4, 2024

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With his fan’s eardrums pierced from the last concert in the US

With his fan’s eardrums pierced from the last concert in the US
Harry Styles’ concerts are popular for a number of reasons. The 29-year-old is used to on-stage jest events, coming out to his fans during his live performances, as well as to marriage proposals on stage.

The huge turnout in the world is a fact, because its audience is currently one of the largest music audiences in the world.

This is not always positive, especially when a lot of people are invited together to sing the lyrics of one of his songs.

TikToker Bella Bauer shared a video to the platform this week that shows off her ear, which was covered with gauze. This is because, as he explains, he suffered a perforated eardrum from the high decibels of the concert venue when all of Styles’ fans started singing lyrics from “As it Was”.

“If you’re wondering how loud ‘Leave America’ can get in the stadium, my eardrums blew. Worth it!” wrote on social media.

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