April 18, 2024

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With three projects, Greece is entering a race for electrical connections

With three projects, Greece is entering a race for electrical connections

central role in its interdependence Europe with the Africa and the Middle east for transportation green energy who will replace them Fossil fuels he claims Hellas via Three investment projects. However, whether it will be able to stay in the race will depend on how quickly final feasibility studies can determine the final schedule and cost of implementation, as delays favor other alternative designs, such as State Department agents follow K.. Recently, it was learned that Italy submitted a proposal to Egypt for the joint implementation of an electrical interconnection for transmission of 2.5 gigawatts, at a total cost of 3 billion euros.

Africa’s energy needs are expected to triple by 2040, with nearly half of the population today (580 million) lacking access to electricity. An enormous amount of investment in green energy is being coordinated by major international organizations in collaboration with the 55 member states of the African Union, making Africa an important player in the global energy market.

the Europe Looking forward to the vast potential of renewables that will be able to reach their energy-hungry market by interconnecting with their countries North Africa. Spain and Morocco are already connected by power lines, while the two countries agreed in 2019 to build a third line.

Tunisia and Algeria plan communications that will pass under the Strait of Sicily and reach Italy and Spain. Italy’s proposal for interconnection with Egypt drove a “wedge” into the Greek plans, which were among the first designed to connect Egypt to Europe. The export nature of the projects makes them competitive and which ones will mature faster is a crucial question for their implementation and geopolitical implications.

With three projects Greece in the electrical wiring race -2

The most mature project is Interface “GREGY – Elica Interconnector” Promoted by the Kopelouzo Group, it has an estimated cost of 3.5 billion euros. A 940-kilometre submarine cable will connect the Salloum region in Egypt to the Nea Makri region in Attica, to transmit 3 gigawatts of energy that will be produced from the 9.5 gigawatts of solar and wind farms that Koblozu Group will build in Egypt.

The moves of Italy and Spain to contact the countries of North Africa very competitively against the plans of Athens.

The project is included in the 10-year development plan (TYNDP 2022) of Entso-e and is a candidate for inclusion in the list of projects of common European interest (PCI) and is proceeding in close cooperation with the principals of Greece and Egypt.

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her second project Eunice Energy Group It provides for a link that is shorter in length than the Marsa Matruh area Egypt With Greece at Atherinolakkos in Lasithi, Crete, with a cable length of 400 km. Eunice’s Greece Africa Power Interconnector (GAP) is designed to transmit 2 gigawatts of power and has also been nominated as a project of joint interest on the PCI list.

With three projects Greece in the electrical interconnection race -1
Greece’s electrical interconnection plans with North Africa and Israel could make it the energy gateway to Europe. good time picture.

Last week, this project seemed to pick up speed in two moves, indicating or looking to support the American Worker. The first was the appointment of former Senator Andreas Borges as CEO, which was announced last week. As for the second, it came the day before yesterday and related to Eunice’s strategic cooperation for electrical interconnection with Egypt with the American company McDermott International from Houston.

Finally, third electrical interface It is designed to transmit the energy to be produced Israel and l Cyprus. This is the Eurasian Electrical Interconnection Project, which recently secured €657 million in European resource financing from the Connect Europe Facility. The project, with a budget of €2.5 billion, concerns the construction of a submarine cable with a transmission capacity of 2,000 MW (1 GW in the first phase) and a total length of about 1,200 km. ADMIE announced its intention to participate in the project by 25%.

How the energy that will enter through these interconnections in Greece will reach Europe is a matter of concern to the relevant authorities. In this context, consideration is being given to the construction of a new electric corridor linking Greece with Austria so that green energy can reach southern Germany. The interconnection will start with an initial capacity of 3 GW, which in the second phase will reach 9 GW, from Greece and reach Albania. From there, ADMIE appears to be considering two alternative routes.

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