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XA+ Markets (262): Many Small and Large Interests (11/23/2022)

XA+ Markets (262): Many Small and Large Interests (11/23/2022)

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@ 16:40

a test

Which BANK SYSTEMIC will soon speak Dutch??

We’ve mentioned it before, but now things are getting really, really serious…

  • AT 00:01 Continuing with the rest of our daily stock market stuff…

WRITTEN on July 26, 2022 (but also on and on) – https://www.mikrometoxos.gr/

  • Alpha Bank: Some old people put it in … the eye. They will make it Greek again … Naturally, nothing like this will happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but …

  • SS m/m: The Dutchman is.. the front man.
  • SS m/m: With him or, more precisely, the leader, the king of all movement and subtlety – Olympiacos

Marking m / m: An offer of €1.2000 per share may not be accepted… Potential sellers may want more…


OPAP – 9 months

  • APOTIMATAI to 4.72 billion euros
  • Share price: 13.0000 euros
  • VOOK VALUE: 1.9200 euros
  • P/BV: 6,77
  • Price multiple to 9 months: 16.3
  • EV/EBITDA 9 million: 9.4
  • Available cash: 596 million euros
  • Loan: 882 million euros
  • Net loan: 286 million euros
  • Estimated Dividend Yield: Approximately 9%

PPC – 9 months

  • APOTIMATAI to 2.43 billion euros
  • Equity: 3.78 billion euros
  • Share price: 6.3600 euros
  • Book value: 9.8000 euros
  • P/E 9M: negative
  • EV/EBITDA 9 million: 7.8
  • Available cash: 2.1 billion euros
  • Loan: 4.7 billion euros
  • Net loan: 2.6 billion euros
  • EBITDA on a recurring basis was €644.2m, an increase of €17.7m (2.8%) over the same period last year.

Forlis – 9 months

  • APOTIMATAI to 157.4 million euros
  • Equity: 187.1 million euros
  • Share price: 3.0200 euros
  • Book value: 3.5900 euros
  • Price multiple to 9 months: 17.1
  • EV/EBITDA 9 million: 14.7
  • Available cash: one million euros
  • Lending:
  • The FOURLIS group presented in the nine months of 2022 sales of €352.5m against €316.5m, an increase of 11.4% compared to the same period last year.
  • Consolidated operating profit before interest, tax and depreciation (EBITDA) was €24.4 million compared to €26.7 million in the same period last year.
  • Profit before tax was €9.3m compared to €7.4m in the nine months of 2021.
  • The profit after tax amounted to 9.2 million euros.
  • The FOURLIS Group’s net borrowing on 09/30/2022 amounted to 200.7 million euros.
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M / M: Three and they left Coco …

Giorgos Katikas:

Slight average: If one looks down the rating scale, the picture is disappointing. Small and small businesses achieve results and no one notices. As if they didn’t take it.

  • They talk about good prospects for benefits and more and it’s as if investors don’t see them. Any investors will ask us and he is right. Let’s not forget the problem we had a few weeks ago that in 8 months half of the investors were lost.

Yes, we don’t have investors but the ones we follow every day we recycle. The other puts on a mobile app and within two hours without any papers, is playing whatever he wants in any corner of the planet he wants.

  • Of course, we don’t like this, because on platforms where leverage is high, Hashora is usually on the entire deposit. But these platforms attract investors and we see AA every day getting smaller and smaller.

  • It is necessary for m / m to have his own person – his best friend present at … the event

Exactly two months ago – September 23, 2022

  • Top stocks are based on current valuation, current financials, and potential upside
  1. MYTILINEOS @ 13.7000 EUR and +22%
  2. Engine Oil @ 15.9200 EUR and +15.72%
  3. BIOHALCO@€3.3500 and +16.32%
  4. [email protected]€ and +16.76%
  5. ALPHA BANK@€0.8500 and +11.88%
  6. Piraeus Bank @ €1.0900 and +24.4%

Public Index @ 23.9.2022 and +10.10%

MOH, LAMDA, and Quest’s financial results dominate

Today is Wednesday Motor Oil (conference call will be held the next day) and Quest will publish 9-month financial results

  • While Bly Kidros held an extraordinary general meeting.
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Thursday Lamda Development is expected to publish its financial results for the next 9 months.

  • manufacturing ELSTAT announces the Building Materials Price Index for New Residential Buildings for the month of October.

Today, Wednesday 11/23, it was announced

  1. In Germany the Manufacturing PMI for November,
  2. US Consumer Durable Goods Orders for October,
  3. manufacturing PMI,
  4. US Consumer and Inflation Expectations from the University of Michigan based on a November survey and last
  5. October new home sales in the United States.

Today is also Wednesday The Japanese market will be closed due to a public holiday.

  • On Thursday, the US market will remain closed for Thanksgiving, while in Germany the IFO Business Climate Index for November is announced.

The US market closes on Friday at 20.00 due to the celebration of Thanksgiving, while in Germany the change in GDP for the third quarter is announced, as market estimates speak of a growth of 1.5% on an annual basis.


most active

AX MARKET: There are certain rules

  1. Necessary use of stop loss
  2. Progressive recording of earnings as the direction of all MTX preferences
  3. We weren’t chasing prices
  4. We only buy stocks we are interested in that are in a downtrend…

Suspension: There is no emotion in the markets, it’s not football or sports teams so we don’t change… our loves. Stocks are expendable…and will go away and be short, if circumstances dictate or call for such a thing.

The market wants it Daily occupation for many hours, who can’t study and follow it, it will be very difficult to get out of it in the end. It requires a lot of reading and penetrating into the hidden details and letters in the financial statements that companies publish.

  • It is often needed Quick moves, liquidation of positions even with a loss (in order to catch a much larger loss later), not the pursuit of the promised easy profit that is not (supported) from anywhere and a tendency towards the fundamentals of each case under consideration.
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