November 28, 2023

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Xbox – Activision: Microsoft is far from completing the huge deal

Xbox – Activision: Microsoft is far from completing the huge deal

The biggest deal and acquisition in the gaming industry, this one Activision Blizzard from Microsoft And X-Box, It seems so It is a breath away from completion.

According to a report by Tom Warren the edge, Citing a Microsoft source familiar with the matter, reports indicate that the company expects the Activision-Xbox deal to be completed in Friday 13 October. This is the date that Microsoft set in its calendar to announce the closing of the acquisition of the creators of Call of Duty, after a long process that lasted 20 months.

Microsoft recently reworked its proposed acquisition of Activision to comply with rules and unfair competition concerns raised by the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). The latest proposal foresees the transfer of existing and existing game rights to ubisoft, Regarding the cloud gaming industry.

After all, the Capital Markets Authority gave in-principle approval for their mega deal 69 billion dollars on September 22, bringing the case to a close in Microsoft’s favor. The deadline for the UK Capital Markets Authority to collect the views of everyone from its committee on approving the takeover ends today.

But the final decision is expected next week, and unless we have some last-minute emergency, Microsoft will celebrate the closing of the deal that will change the map of the gaming industry, next Friday.

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