February 27, 2024

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Yannis Papamichael: Messing around with Ilias Psinakis and J2US – “What are you saying? Are you serious;”

Yannis Papamichael: Messing around with Ilias Psinakis and J2US – “What are you saying? Are you serious;”

What happened;

Yiannis Papamichail took a particularly sharp blog post on social media Wednesday night marking his latest appearance on the J2US platform alongside Irini Mercury.

In it, the son of the late Alekis Vogioklakis and Dimitris Papamichael receives comments from the jury and guest Ilias Psinakis, which he considers grossly unfair to him.

And so, through his personal Facebook account, Giannis Papamichail posted a lengthy post.

“What are you talking about? Are you serious?”

“I did not post anything because I wanted to be sure of what I would tell you. Not only did I sing, but I also said it very well. Now why was I not heard in the verses and he only heard me in a second, someone was up and down the strp, on the center console giving sound to the TV and the room Now who and why, why would I know that, I’ll find out. How did you know I was right? Because quite simply the mix heard in the rear speakers, behind the stage, was completely natural. And everything sounded just right.”

3 production executives confirmed it to me and Stamatis couldn’t believe what they told him. So what exactly was going on? Because, well, Stamatis could hear what the CCU was sending, so he told the truth. Finally, did you notice what Psinakis said? Did you see that well? Did you get “tucked in”? Me and all my friends got it.”

“What are you talking about? Are you serious; where do you go with black sunglasses and wear ’til you go! Everything, as I said above, has a limit. And for me, there is no limit, nothing, there is no. My lawyers review everything carefully and they’ll move on.” Soon to the obvious once they have all the facts and evidence. In the days to come. That’s what I had to tell you, the best is yet to come” Yannis Papamichael in his book “The Flourishing”.

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