April 18, 2024

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Survivor All Star: Rose celebrated Kuro’s passing

Survivor All Star: Rose celebrated Kuro’s passing

“All of you out there, except for Nikos, you guys are fake,” Triantafilos asserts on his Instagram story about the Survivor All Star.

the George Kurome’s departure from Survivor All Star Some may have grieved, but there were others who rejoiced. In fact, the former actor who did not star in the reality show this year was not only happy but also celebrated with a post on social media.

The reason, of course, for him rosewho has since joined the game It was against kuru. As it seems to him, he keeps it frantic and at every opportunity expresses his displeasure with him and with other guys he doesn’t like.

vocalist Upload an Instagram story Immediately after Coro’s departure he wrote an extensive commentary showing his support for Nikos Partzis, while at the same time “getting in trouble” with several of the remaining players.

Rose’s post about Coro:

“Ah Ilias, Bogdan, you left the ice cream because your good friend said he wanted Sakis to be the winner. But you are all there, except for Nikos, and they are fake, there was no friendship at all, there was none, and in the end we all stress Ourselves slowly. More today, O Elias, I have mourned you amidst the joy of thousands here, you. Only Nikos, let whoever wants to take it. But we are only Nikos with the truth.”