June 1, 2023

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Maria Menounos: I got a Greek passport and stood smiling in Kalimarmaro

Maria Menounos obtained a Greek passport and made the announcement via her Instagram account, posting a photo of Kalimarmarou.

“I am proud to be Greek and to have my passport! There will be no better place to share this than my country,” Maria Menounos wrote in her post.

At the same time, express it Thanks to the Greek consulates in Boston and Los Angeles that helped her family “achieve this special honor.”

In the photo she posted, Maria Menounos stands smiling as she holds her new passport.

The Greek-American presenter had spoken for some time about the difficult test she faced regarding her health, expecting her first child in the summer, through a foster mother.

He was diagnosed Pancreas cancer He had to undergo an operation to remove the tumor.

In a very confessional interview, she shared her thoughts at the time, but also her first reaction when she learned the unpleasant news.

«How do I suffer from a brain tumor and pancreatic cancer?he wondered. It is reported that years ago he underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor.

“I thought my husband would raise our child on his own,” she said in the same post, adding: “Why would God first bless me with a child and then prepare to take me to Him, I thought, before I met him.”

Three months later successful operation in the pancreas He states that he is now “grateful”while “when you’re faced with a potential death sentence, everything changes.”

He didn’t hide it either Her excitement at the arrival of her baby. “She kicks and moves like crazy every time. I can’t wait for the whole next chapter. I’m excited.”

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