July 14, 2024

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You Don’t Need an Xbox According to New Xbox Ad

You Don’t Need an Xbox According to New Xbox Ad

the X-Box I just released a new announcement, indicating that you don’t have to have…X-Box. Yes, you read that right.

In this case, of course, Microsoft wants to promote its cloud services and not necessarily its consoles. The occasion is the great cooperation it closed with Amazonallowing any Amazon Fire TV Stick owner to stream Xbox ecosystem games. The promo video, a horror movie parody, highlights: “Don’t have an Xbox? Don’t fear the Amazon Fire TV Stick.”

It is worth noting that Xbox Cloud Gaming is one of the perks of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and is offered exclusively in certain countries. Unfortunately, there is no official support in Greece yet.

You can watch the relevant ad through the following player:

For the record, Microsoft’s first such collaboration was in 2022, when it brought Xbox to Samsung TVs via a dedicated app. Previously, the company was planning its own affordable streaming Xbox, called Project Keystone. However, that console was scrapped because Microsoft couldn’t make it as affordable as it wanted. Some images of it were recently released, so you can learn more about the whole project by clicking here.

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