May 22, 2024

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Your own home or profit from real estate in Haladistan. are you crazy?

Your own home or profit from real estate in Haladistan.  are you crazy?

Written by George Kraloglos

“Socialism” is not enough for you, let it be “monkey”. Who will pay him? We cleaned up the production. We stayed with tourism and real estate..

And since tourism is a “heavy and superior” industry (something we should tell the people of the place and not that without loans, taxes and EU resources nothing works in our economy) it is time to impose a head tax even on urinals.

About 100,000 properties have come to the fore making money from rentals and over time… 6,000 entrepreneurs and 8,000 individuals have hit the dance floor and are making money from rentals.

Will they stay in Greece? No tax on capital. No tax even on the mat at the front door…? where do we live? Do we have a state or not? Did we vote for him or not with fanaticism and anger for half a century…?

Where are you stuck now? In the circular and in “…if you are a legal entity and manage 30 properties available to you through short-term rental contracts in different parts of Greece, you will pay 20 commercial fees. However, if the legal entity manages 20 properties in a residential building in Kolonaki, You will pay one claim fee…” (“Not every Airbnb apartment has a pretentiousness“.

Are you stuck on the above…? If so, you are “unstuck” because Panagiotis_A With only 20 words in his comment “…another rubbish circular for the sole purpose of determining the amount of capital tax the owner will pay for each apartment.”

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And if that's not enough, read it too Highlander In the same report, “…North Korea. Ownership is a crime… Close it all and go all to be fed by the state…”

So how do you think Kratistan, as the central body of Helladistan with 2,500 organizations, 550,000 permanent government employees and over 150,000 government contractors (let our lenders say what they want, for a discount of up to 30%), will go? Feed them?

With loans only? Where will citizens' taxes go? In schools, on the streets and in hospitals? Who says these things?

What about the Recovery and Resilience Fund worth $36 billion in aid and cheap loans (we are preparing for another $2.5 billion infusion)? We have to maintain our pseudo-socialist assertion (also renewed in the summer of 2023) that “… it is impossible to reduce the state even by one chair of a civil servant…”

As if you thought the Recovery Fund money was intended to help industries, even export, even food, like those described by AK1969 in his comment with the businessman who thought he was in an EU member state and requested Fund resources for new modern mechanical machinery equipment?

We, with money from the recovery fund, will be looking to hold European and parliamentary elections before being bailed out in 2026, and everything else we are preparing… in our false socialism (even LARCO which has been closed for 4 years! And we pay for it with another country..) they will go out From our taxes…they will come out of our homes (confirmed ENFIA) and now from Airbnb. What did some people think? Will Airbnb now, and tourism later, escape our Ottoman head tax? Wait and see…

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