February 27, 2024

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2021 Census changes constituency associations – what will happen to 16 constituencies

2021 Census changes constituency associations – what will happen to 16 constituencies

Official declaration of ELSTAT of the legal population of the country 2021 Census The countdown to the possibilities begins while bringing changes to the electoral map Election Notification There is still the formal issue of publishing the results in the official gazette.

Legal population compared to 2011 census It has decreased by 187,397 inhabitants in the last ten years. In total they are stocked 9,716,889 in 2021when In 2011 there were 9,904,286 censuses.


The number of seats in the parliamentary elections (but also local elections due in October) should be gazetted before the end of February, when the number of seats for each province will be formally announced.

Other districts will win because they will be represented by more MPs in the next parliament and others will lose.

However, according to the estimations of the parties before the official announcement:

They will win seats

Eastern Attica +2, B1 B. Department +1, B2 West Sector +1, B3 South Sector +2, A’ Thessaloniki + 1, print +1.

The new electoral map creates new data among parliamentary candidates of the same party. The crusade will be particularly fierce in districts where seats have been reduced.

Which districts are losing seats?

Districts lose one seat: A’ Piraeus, Arta, Thesprotia, Kastoria, Kozani, Magnesia, Serres, and Fthiotida.

So now Monohedrals are multiplied by two Because Thesprodia and Kastoria will be added to the existing ones.

Now, at the party headquarters, for the caroms of the election law, they calculate the exact number of seats they can claim, three seats and the rest of the districts with little buttons.

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Corinthia for 45 inhabitants was able to maintain the 4th seat, as did Imathia for 246 inhabitants, the single seat of Evridania will not be in the next census because it usually makes up 0.7 seat, as well as the single seat exceeds Grevena’s one seat for 459 inhabitants.

Ballots should be declared

From Monday, parties will start declaring their votes after making calculations for seats for each electoral district, leaving some positions open to last-minute surprises.

However, as in.gr has written since December 6, the elections will most likely be Palm Sunday.

See detailed estimates for constituencies wise.