February 7, 2023

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A 17-year-old girl who was allegedly raped at a Christmas party has been released

Free on parole Any kind of relationship with an 18 year old who accused him of He raped her at a Christmas partyLeave oh A 17-year-old defendantAfter apologizing to the interrogator Thessaloniki.

small, student at EPAL And Composer The party denied the allegations of rape leveled against him and insisted that everything happened with the consent of the complainant. “The whole situation was a mutual heroic outburst.”He reportedly apologized saying the complaint was false and was not confirmed anywhere.

In his apology letter, he also reportedly pointed out that many people, including his parents, were present at the party.

In his statements, his lawyer said Forensic examination of complainant There is no evidence to support the injuries and rape.

The main investigation is ongoing and those who attended the party will be called to give evidence in the future.

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