November 30, 2023

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A big shout out to Dabrauskas – Articles – Kostas Miaoulis – OFI – AEK

A big shout out to Dabrauskas – Articles – Kostas Miaoulis – OFI – AEK

Regardless of whether AEK suffers losses or not, for my part I have great respect for the Lithuanian coach of OFI. Seeing Al-Ittihad playing in midfield with Galanopoulos And ShimanskyHe ordered his players to pay two-thirds and often even higher.

This was a move, coupled with the quick goal he conceded, that had to be taken with relative ease and risk less More than any other club he played for Al-Ittihad during the 14 months Almeyda spent on the bench. the Valdas Dabrauskas He deserves everyone’s respect because his team is trying to play football.

AEK were very slow today, and not just in their running. He thought too slowly, too late, and without clear direction in all his players’ decisions. Aside from the transformation being very bad, S OFI Overcoming every mistake of the Union. OFI’s biggest victory is that even the close passing game attempted by AEK players managed to destroy it.

Even when he couldn’t reach full stages, the way he pressed, which developed when he had the ball at his feet, somehow prevented Al-Ittihad from getting into the game. It indicates that he is after his stage Felipe And his process Stankovic in 49′ There is not even an ending. An example of how well the home team read this match.

In fact, judging today whether AEK can play aggressively or not, this is not the right game. She didn’t even have to grow. Contributing to this is the fact that he is after Garcia and Johnson, who, let me just mention, are the best for me Inhibitory agent AEK Almeida had to make a change even before the start of the match, replacing Mandalos, who felt tired, with Zuber.

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The question mark is whether, based on this loss, he should start Pineda Or even S JasinovicThere should at least be someone who can drop the ball. This is exactly where OFI hits. He forbade AEK from playing a vertical game and the only thing he allowed were big diagonal balls which today are easy prey.

It was a loss that when there are too many changes and when you keep falling behind in the score, you will lose at some point. It is a moment when AEK has to react, starting with the match against Ajax which is a completely different story.

I repeat, because I have believed it since the beginning of the year, that OFI is a very well organized team and with time it will become more competitive. After all, he won the Jedi Kule straight, Ari, PAOK And tonight Clearly AEK.

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