February 27, 2024

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A mother stabs to death the girl whose sons were raped – Newsbomb – News

A mother stabs to death the girl whose sons were raped – Newsbomb – News

Sarah Sands killed the convict Poof After her sons reveal that she was sexually assaulted – the boys defend their mother

Or killed one Poof After her three children were assaulted, she launched a campaign to stop child rapists from changing their names to hide their criminal records.

In particular, Sarah Sands stabbed 77-year-old Michael Plaisted eight times in 2014 after her sons revealed to her that he had sexually abused them. The paedophile, who lived in a block of flats next door to the family’s private home in east London, had previously been convicted of three decades of child abuse – but changed his name from Robin Moult to hide his past.

After the stabbing, Plaisted bled to death and Sands was found guilty of manslaughter for a “loss of control” after a trial at the Old Bailey in 2015. She was jailed for seven-and-a-half years but released after four – and now he wants to campaign to strengthen the Child Sexual Exploitation Act to protect children .

I will do what you did

Some view Sarah as an “avenging angel” and a woman who has done justice to a man who abused her children.

“People tell me all the time, ‘I would have done what you did.’ But that is not my message.” “My message is we need tougher controls, longer sentences for pedophiles, and more support for families.”

She insists that she was in “free fall”, suffered a mental breakdown and would never have killed Plaisted if she was in her right mind.

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The jury at her trial accepted her word and acquitted her of murder. Instead, he was convicted of manslaughter for “loss of control” and served about four years.

A new beginning after her release from prison

Today, Sarah lives in a luxurious town on the Essex coast, in a small apartment by the sea. She was lucky because she says it helped with her mental health issues while she was locked up. When she was released from prison in 2018, she was given emergency housing.

The 39-year-old Sarah doesn’t seem like a threat to anyone. Her manicured hands when she speaks. She was scarred by her actions that kept her away from her beloved children while in prison. She suffers from anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress.

He could have faded into anonymity, but this week he announced his campaign to end the practice of pedophiles changing their names and start new lives in places where they can continue to target children.

The diaphragmatic changed his name and was behaving unobtrusively

After Sarah kills her child rapist, she is shocked to discover that either Michael or Mick Plaisted was once known as Robin Moult and has 24 sex-crime convictions over three decades. Both the police and the local council – which hosted him – said they were unaware of his record.

Sarah’s children have waived their right to anonymity as victims of sexual assault to support their mother’s work.

Eight years later, after Sarah Sands was released from prison, they gave an interview about what they experienced. Her sons say: “We are proud of our mother, protect us and the protection of other children.”

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Source: dailymail / nationalworld

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