July 14, 2024

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A policeman from the “Z” group on a motorcycle was hit by a car (VIDEO)

A policeman from the “Z” group on a motorcycle was hit by a car (VIDEO)
Serious car accident On Saturday night in western Thessaloniki, a police officer from the “Z” group on an ELAS motorcycle crashed into a passing car.

According to thestival.gr, it was a 49-year-old cyclist from the “Z” group who died in a traffic accident. Karolyi & Dimitriou Street intersection with Itru Gokouci Street in Stavropol.

The police officer and his colleague were on their way to a signal received from the immediate action center for Ekharbia area. According to information, the 49-year-old was injured in the leg and was taken to 424 Army Hospital by EKAB ambulance.

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