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About Jo Borough, Odell Beckham Jr., and Browns – Terry Pluto’s Super Bowl Scribble

About Jo Borough, Odell Beckham Jr., and Browns - Terry Pluto's Super Bowl Scribble

Cleveland, Ohio – I scribbled in my notebook after watching Los Angeles Rams beat Cincinnati, 23-20At the Super Bowl:

1. Odell Beckham Jr. was. A focal point of much of the national media coverage about the Super Bowl. Kicked out from Cleveland, leads the Rams to the Super Bowl. That was the narrative. Yes, it was waived by Brown. Yes, he actually helped the Rams in the Super Bowl.

2. NBC’s Michaels said, “In the middle of the season, they showed him the door in Cleveland. He basically said, ‘Get out of here.’ The Rams took him. He scores his first Super Bowl touchdown.”

3. Later in the game, Michael’s partner, Cris Collinsworth, OBJ explained, “I felt like he was being thrown into the streets.”

4. OBJ requested to be traded after the 2020 season. Requested to be traded early in the 2021 season. He worked hard to get out of Cleveland. I’m not going to rehash all the old hashes between OBJ, Baker Mayfield and Browns.

5. But the truth is, OBJ wanted out, period. His fans will say he has his reasons. The move to the Rams showed how utterly incompetent Brown’s coaching staff was in using him in the red zone. He has not had any TD receptions in seven games with Brown. He won five of his eight regular season games with the Rams. He earned two more in the playoffs, including one in the Super Bowl.

6. He did mention that Brown was working with an OBJ agent to create a way out of his contract so that the receiver would be a free agent after the season. OBJ had two unsecured years on his contract. No team was going to pick that up. The OBJ agent also wanted Brown to keep the recipient’s salary cap figure – so no team would claim it.

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7. It’s a quagmire of salary cap intricacies to explain all of this, but Brown saved $4 million in OBJ salary by reworking the deal. They have also drawn up the new contract which makes it very difficult for him to demand concessions from another team. He eventually became a free agent mid-season. This allowed OBJ to choose his new team, something he wanted.

8. It worked well for both sides. Not only did Brown do this to help OBJ, but other agents would also note that GM Andrew Berry would work with them in tough situations. OBJ will be a free agent in the off season.

Los Angeles Rams receiver Odell Beckham Jr. (3) is injured against the Cincinnati Bengals during the first half of an NFL Super Bowl 56 football game on Sunday, February 13, 2022, in Englewood, California (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)AP

9. OBJ boom with rams As a secondary receiver for the star Cooper Cope. He made several big plays in Clutch Moments. For OBJ, the sad part is in the middle of the Super Bowl, where his surgically repaired knee twists and he can’t finish the game. This was a reminder of the major injuries the OBJ has suffered in the past few years in New York and Cleveland.

10. Cincinnati’s Joe Burrow has been fired seven more times in the Super Bowl. This young man from Athens, Ohio, is a future star, if the Bengals can keep him healthy. Profootballtalk’s story She reported that Burrow has been sacked 70 times this season, including playoffs. That’s right 70!!! He is the third most decorated player in NFL history after Derek Carr (76) and Randall Cunningham (72).

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11. Burrow injured 10 games in the 2020 junior season and underwent knee surgery on his ACL. He’s been healthy this season, but has been grabbing his knee late at the Super Bowl. He led the regular season with 51 sacks in 2021.

left seven times

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow had a agonizing afternoon at the Super Bowl. He played well, but was physically beaten.

12. The player who was overlooked by Brown was Austin Corbett. The team’s first pick in the second round of 2018 was by former GM John Dorsey. They took him in front of Nick Chubb (two options selected later) on that round. It was a left-wing intervention in Nevada. Brown thought he could play a guard role.

13. In 2018, he acted as backup and played a total of 14 shots. In 2019, he played three matches – 11 total shots. They then exchanged him with Rams for a fifth player on October 15, 2019. The former coaching staff did not believe Corbett could play. He became a starting goalkeeper in Los Angeles, starting 40 straight regular season games and every take in the playoffs.

14. In 2019, Brown cycled through Justin McRae and Chris Hubbard before they headed to White Tiller on guard. It worked out with Teller and Browns, but they made a good Corbett player.

15. While watching the Super Bowl, I kept thinking, “Both teams play really good defense. You didn’t hear that mentioned.” It’s one of the reasons why I’m optimistic about the Braun team in 2022. They’ve improved their defense tremendously, and I hope that continues.

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16. In the qualifiers, the Bengal team allowed 19-16-24-23 points. They also never scored more than 27 points in a single match. Defense still matters.

17. The Rams allowed 11-27-17-20 points in the Super Bowl playoff round. To reiterate, defense still matters.

18. So kickers. Cincinnati’s Evan Macpherson was 14 of 14 in field goals in the playoffs. Rams’ Matt Gay was 8 out of 10 in field goals.

19. THERE WILL BE LOTS OF TALK ABOUT BROWN QB AND BAKER MAYfield PLAY. Does it stay or does it go? The Rams exchanged QB Jared Goff, a third-tier player in 2021 and a first-round pick in 2022 and 2023, to Detroit for Stafford. It worked. Is there a move as bold as the one available for Browns? No doubt they are exploring this option.

20. There is plenty of time to talk and write more about Brown and QB’s situation. My thoughts on watching the game were that you really need a total effort to get to the Super Bowl. Brown has some of those bits in some places, As I wrote Sunday. A year ago, Cincinnati was 6-10 years old and Burrow was recovering from ACL surgery.

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