February 7, 2023

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She is looking for players like the ones that changed her life in January

January is the month when AEK has, at times, found players in moments of their poor season, but who have either given him or her a big boost.

Delving into the recent past, during the winter transfer windows, we find three instances of footballers coming to the fore Eck In their moments of professional uncertainty.

The biggest hit of all was recorded in January 2017, with the double hit that brought Greece Ognien Vranies And the Sergio Araujo. The first has completely lost its bearings.

In three years, he wandered around Turkey (Gaziantepspor, Elazigispor), Spain (Sporting Gijon) and Russia (Tom Tusk), without settling down. He started each half as a starter, but quickly fell out of favor due to his eccentric personality.

The problems he created in AEK were not few. He reached the point of entanglement with Manolo Jimenez, during a friendly match with Serbian Šukaretski, at the Spata Training Center.

But for a year and a half, he was a catalyst for the Al Ittihad defensive line, helping them a lot to be crowned champions in 2018. And that summer, he “cheated” Anderlecht who spent 3.2 million euros to get him and then send him. Every three or so goes back to AEK.

Araujo also came through in an apparent fumble off the field. In January 2017, Las Palmas sent him to Athens where he was caught twice driving over the legal blood alcohol limit, so he was no longer allowed to drive for 8 months. The Spanish club wanted to remove the round about its name, to forget its subject.

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Chino came to AEK and instantly made a difference. We don’t know what he did off the field, but he thrived on it. Thus, for a year and a half, he was the reference point of the team, scorer in major derbies and decisive in winning the title, after 24 years with Al-Ittihad. Today, she is the obvious reference point in Matías Almeida’s game plan.

In January, AEK also acquired Damien Szymanskialso on loan from Akhmet Grozny, as he was not feeling well with the coach at that time.

In the summer of 2020, the federation activated the option to buy the Polish midfielder from the Russian club and since then he has been trying to find his role in the team, in good times and bad. The latter, mostly because the team themselves didn’t know what to do with it. Until he found the right coach.

Under Almeida’s direction, Simanski found his bearings and role in AEK. He developed into an excellent defensive midfielder, with a dual role of intercepting and creating from the front line. He made great appearances and went so far as to play in the Qatar World Cup with his country.

There’s also the sea bass in January, which is an admittedly difficult transition period, when it’s not easy to convince other teams to part ways with their important players. Unless, for some special reason, they find confidence to help them with it. There are also those cases…