February 7, 2023

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Accounts and poster of the movie “The Godfather” in the hideouts of the Cosa Nostra leader

Its raids continue Italian police The carabinieri in its leader’s three bunkers Cosa Nostra Matteo Messina Denaro found in Sicily.

The leader of this gang was arrested last Monday outside a clinic in Palermo.

According to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, Messina Denaro kept detailed accounts of the income and expenses of its various businesses. Mafia“for sums containing many zeros”.

In his shelters were found notes on sticky notes with phone numbers of people he considered useful and his “obligations”.

A poster for the “Godfather” movie project was also found.

The third cache was spotted by policemen yesterday afternoon in the Sicilian village of Campobello.

Prosecutors continue to examine two cell phones and a computer belonging to the Sicilian mafia boss and are considered a “source of valuable information”.

Source: RES-MPE

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