July 14, 2024

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Activists reject the exclusion of Cuba from the US summit

Activists reject the exclusion of Cuba from the US summit

Havana -. Representatives of trade unions and social organizations around the world today expressed their opposition to the US attempt to exclude Cuba from the IX summit next June.

In a public statement issued at the end of the International Conference on Solidarity with Cuba, the delegates denounced the US government for abusing its powers and taking away the right to set aside a country for its convenience if it accomplished this purpose. Example of humanity.

It is clear that this will create a serious historical setback associated with previous summits and avoid the growing international demand for an end to unjust and criminal sanctions against Cuba and other additional compelling measures.

The document further states that the summit will ignore the legitimate aspirations of Latin American and Caribbean sovereignty, unity and integration.

The delegates stressed the need to discuss structural issues affecting the summit region with sincere commitment and to listen to the representatives of civil society, trade unions and social movements.

At the People’s Summit in Los Angeles, USA, on June 8-10, US organizations and social movements urged the United States to firmly support and actively participate in the realm of civil society in the region.

The closing session of the international event is being held at the Convention Center with the participation of more than a thousand delegates from over 60 countries, in the presence of Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Connell.

Two years after the impact of the global epidemic, the meeting once again brings together representatives of the left to focus on the anti-imperialist struggle.

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