February 5, 2023

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Adonis Georgiadis driving a Citroen Ami 7,500 Euros

Citroen MyAmi Cargo was present at the Coffee Business Awards 2022 in the presence of the Minister of Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiadis.

An opportunity to learn about quality features The smallest car on the Greek marketAnd the Citroen Ami He is a protagonist in the field of urban mobility, and was the Minister of Development and Investment.

the master. Adonis Georgiadis She got behind the wheel Professional version of the midget car, as part of the Coffee Business Awards 2022 by ethosEVENTS. The sparkling awards ceremony was held in person at the Divany Apollon Palace & Thalasso Hotel, on Friday, December 2, 2022.

As the minister actually stated: drove past, Thus he had an insight into the beneficial properties of the single definite representative of urban mobility.

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For the necessary (new) recommendations for Citroen Ami Cargo, with the Minister of Development and Investment Ioannis Karavas, Citroën Communications Directorwho was “present” at the event with Syngelidis Professional & RaC Group Director, Giorgos Pappas, and Citroen Professional & RaC Director, Dimitris Karagianis.

Citroen Ami Georgiadis
From left to right:
Ioannis Karavas, Citroen Communications Director,
Adonis Georgiadis, Minister of Development and Investment.
Giorgos Papas, Professional & RaC Syngelidis Group Director,
Dimitris Karagianis, Director of Vocational Training and RaC Citroen.

Το Citroen Ami Cargo

My Ami Cargo is a smart electrical distribution solution, offering all the advantages of Ami. the total Loading volume exceeds 400 liters payload up to 140 kilosThanks to the optimized variable space available occupying the passenger seat. This new electric proposition is a flexible and modern answer to the new mobility needs of local companies for the distribution and delivery of products, merchants, artisans, self-employed professionals, local authorities and administrations and even manufacturers.

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My Ami Cargo combines load capacity, mobile office functionality and the benefits of electric mobility, Such as zero carbon dioxide emissions and free access to traffic controlled areas. Charging is easy in just 3 hours with a standard/domestic socket, while relaxing on the go is a breeze thanks to the model’s electric nature and very limited running costs. My Ami Cargo offers greater protection, and improved load capacity compared to a two- or three-wheeled bicycle, while proving more maneuverable than commercial vehicles thanks to its highly compact shape and driver-optimized handling features.

The price of My Ami Cargo starts at 10,650 euros and goes down to 7,650 euros With state support under the Move Electric 2 program.

Citroen Ami Georgiadis

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in the event A total of 88 award categories in 8 individual subject sections and 15 honorable mention awards were awarded. The presentation was presented by the journalist Ms. Maria Nicolcio.

The Coffee Business Awards 2022 From the unique and leading ethosEVENTSFoundation to reward professionals in the coffee industry in GreeceFor the fourth year, industry leaders have been honored, at a celebratory event.

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