February 5, 2023

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Advance payment of nitrates is available for withdrawals to accounts, and to continue progressive payments with organics

According to sources from the Ministry of Rural Development, on December 2, the process of depositing the advance payment of the 2022 Agro-Environmental Programs into the accounts of the beneficiaries began, after the files were cleared by OPEKEPE. The accounts of the beneficiaries of the denitrification of Thessaly and the traditional olive oil of Amfissa were the first to be recorded. By the evening of Friday, December 2, 27 million euros had been deposited according to information from Agronews.

The whole process will be completed in the early days of next week, with beneficiaries of Measures 10 and 11 (Organic Agriculture, Organic Livestock and Beekeeping, Confucius, Theras Vineyard, etc.) able to see the payment amount calculated from OPEKEPE on its Gov platform. gr.

It should be noted that OPEKEPE has taken the necessary measures so that the prepayment advance payment process is completed as it is every year at the beginning of December.

The transfer of all payments to Gov.gr continues to be fixed and will be completed with the payment of basic support, greening and equalization before the holidays.

Although the payment orders went out early Wednesday afternoon, the credits were late. The reason, some resistance mechanisms that tried to curb the procedure alienated the stakeholders from the producers, causing the indignation of the beneficiaries, because they are the only ones who are actually harmed. However, in these days and until the beginning of next week, 283.5 million euros are added to 78,000 beneficiaries, of which 270 million euros relate to biological materials and denitrification and the remaining 13.5 million euros relate to Confucius, Indigenous Tribes, Thera Vineyard and Amfissa Olive Grove.

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After the end of the process, the producers will be given the opportunity to proceed with the tensions against the results, in order to make any corrections and receive new credit to follow – with the new year – which will include those who have been vindicated.

So the next step is about pushing the basics, along with greening and supporting young farmers, but also about pushing the equation.

As far as individual assistance is concerned, administrative checks and joint checks will continue in the coming period, in order to correct everything that is needed so that individual assistance is paid as smoothly as the October payment. Indeed, according to the head of OPEKEPE, 10% remained in pending transfers, mainly related to inheritance. These are 4040 producers who are awaiting the completion of administrative control of their applications for the transfer of rights (we are talking about cases when additional supporting documents are expected, there is involvement in complex cases of inheritance, etc.).

To pay the check, it should be noted that in addition to remittances and 61,740 producers, with an outstanding amount of basic assistance of less than 250 euros, there are also 5,340 producers under surveillance for whom there are findings related to the illegality of land tenure declared for receiving aid due to investigations or complaints And 1,500 producers, who submitted force majeure documents, which are being examined.

Meanwhile, the producers—mostly from Thessaly—are making corrections on the parcels of land controlled by the control method, which have not been accounted for to pay the advance payment for basic aid. In fact, according to OPEC President Evangelos Simandrakos, during this period erroneous notices are being sent to producers regarding plots of land due to surveillance. For example, if there is a weed or bush in a plot (field), which has prevented the registry from monitoring the crop, this can be rectified and the producer can get the assistance he is entitled to.

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Objections to the equation are held until December 13

In terms of the balance sheet, the first order of approvals and rejections for the year 2022 has been published, with a deadline for submitting objections to those interested until December 13 (see report. Public spending for the 13th measure amounts to 264 million euros and decreases by 14 million euros.

In a related announcement by OPEKEPE, the following is additionally highlighted:

  • Producers classified by the Unified Social Security Agency (EFKA) as “immediate retirees” were rejected. Producers who do not agree with the rating result have the possibility to file an appeal,
  • The Active Farmer status description appeared from the AADE’s last file,
  • Producers who were rejected as “foreign residents,” “age outside the eligibility limits (18-67),” “applicant/spouse entitled to early retirement,” “applicant heir with ten-year exception,” applicant heir with annual exception” He has the possibility to file an open appeal, in order to provide supporting documents.

Inclusion of 4608 producers in the third invitation to Confucius

4,608 beneficiaries were included in the procedure 10.1.08 Confucius vs
4,964 beneficiaries of the original decision, the Second Amendment provides for the Third Call. The total public expenditure on the above-mentioned integrated actions is €26,707,747.54, reduced by €1,856,028.27 in relation to the total budget for the integrated actions of the first amendment of the original decision. The obligations and undertakings of the new beneficiaries began on April 1, 2022 and will end on March 31, 2025. Also, according to the amendment resolution, 119 new beneficiaries were added, resulting from the transfer of the already merged beneficiary properties, while 475 new beneficiaries. The beneficiaries of the third call were removed.

ELGA payments for 2021 and 2022 losses during the month

For losses covered by ELGA insurance, that occurred during 2022 and are related to the January frost, there is a race to make repayments, perhaps even in December, before the holidays. This is what the Deputy Minister of Rural Development, Giorgos Stelios, answered to the current question No. 176/11-15-2022 by Corinthian MP from the Radical Left Coalition, Georgios Sekogio. In fact, according to the deputy minister, a total of 250 such damage declarations were issued with 6,900 declarations of damage.

Regarding the losses of 2021, the deputy minister explained that the settlement will take place in December 2022, while 18,325 thousand euros were granted to the insured, and it was also extended until 12/31/2022 for insurance contributions from producers.