October 4, 2023

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AEK-Olympiacos 25-26 – Sports – Handball – Olympiacos

AEK-Olympiacos 25-26 – Sports – Handball – Olympiacos

Olympiacos “beat” the Greek AEK in the final with Sava’s goal in the last second of extra time and won the Handball Super Cup (25-26)!

“The Red and White” advanced by a very important margin, after leading by four goals in the 44th minute (16-20), but lost it in the end, so “Al-Ittihad” raised its performance and sent the match to overtime.

There, it was the Peraiotes who were able to score the winning goal in the final and secure the first title of the year. Excellent performance from Madalenic And Sliskovic With a total of eight and nine goals, the latter showed that he will be a very important unit for the entire Nikos Grammaticos team.

the match

The two teams entered the match very strongly, with Olympiacos leading 5-3 in the ninth minute, and Sliskovic and Sava excelled, while AEK scored two goals for Lemos. Al-Ittihad immediately tied 5-5, while no goals were scored in the next five minutes. Alexis Albanos players have arrived 7-5 In the 19th minute, with two goals by Madalinic, the “Red and White” score reduced to 8-7 shortly afterwards.

Indeed, the Piraeus team achieved the surprise again shortly after (9-10). Papavasiliy To advance and score some important goals for his team. The Grammar team was able to maintain that lead until the end of the first half, with both teams going into intermission 13-11 For Olympiacos.

The “Red and White” entered the second half with great strength and quickly reached 15-11 with goals from Sliskovic and Montoro. AEK immediately fell to 15-13 with two goals from themselves Libby, With Sliskovic making it 16-13. Then Olympiacos took advantage of Al-Ittihad’s failure and reached the final 20-16 In the 44th minute. AEK fell to 21-18 with Martinović, while the same player achieved 22-20 Soon after, he got his team back into the game.

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In the following minutes, no goal was scored, making the “yellow and black” score 22-21. Madalenic Reducing the target. In fact, the Albanian players played very good defense and managed to tie the game (22-22) At 27 minutes with Komarzovsky. This was also the normal time result, with the match going to extra time.

There, both teams scored a penalty kick 23-23, This was also the result of the first five minutes of extra time, as the defenses were excellent after that.

In the second half, the match witnessed greater openness, as the two teams tied with a score of 25-25. However, at the last second, literally, o Saturday He beat Matskiewicz and did it 26-25, Awarding the Super Cup to Olympiacos!

The five minutes: 2-3, 4-5, 6-5, 8-6, 9-11, 11-13 (half), 13-15, 15-18, 16-20, 20-22, 21-22, 22-22 , 25-26 (extension).

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