July 22, 2024

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Alexis Tsipras: The French course is about Greek

Alexis Tsipras: The French course is about Greek

Alexis Tsipras was lucky enough to observe the electoral battle in France closely, and he did not hide his excitement over the result and the “great electoral surge of the French left”.

The former Greek Prime Minister, recognizing historical moments through his record, notes that “when progressive forces put aside the ‘I’, leave the divide, and present ‘we’ and ‘together’, they can defy predictions and achieve a historic victory.” Against hate, in favor of unity and social justice”.

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French lesson

Expressing his faith in progressive forces at a recent conference organized by the organization that bears his name, the former SYRIZA president’s words focused on what he called the next big step: forming a progressive government.

Alexis Tsipras sent a resounding message across the board from the subject of the French elections.

This is also possible if the “we” continues to prevail and the “I” is marginalized.

And don’t laugh, French lessons aren’t just about France. This is about all of Europe. And Greece, obviously,” he concluded by sending a wonderful message.

Confirming what he says

Alexis Tsipras has returned to the heart of politics in a compelling way. On the second day of the International Conference on Peace and Sustainable Development, the former prime minister took the decision of Eurocalf and realized how the urgent needs of society compel political parties to “speak in plurality rather than in unity”. And leave the “useless and barren inhabitants.”

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In front of a black crowd with its tentacles wide open and its antennae always open, he outlined that progressive forces need to put forward the “we” and drop the “I” and make more room for “togetherness.” Addressing the key issues of society gives realistic meaning to the prospect of a successful progressive coalition.

“This is the appeal of society and progressive citizens today,” the former prime minister added, stressing that whoever ignores it, sooner or later life and progress will pass him by.