July 22, 2024

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Chicago murder: New information on 44-year-old – “He was preparing to cover up the last traces”

Chicago murder: New information on 44-year-old – “He was preparing to cover up the last traces”

New evidence is coming to light in the slaying of a 54-year-old surveyor in Chicago, as evidence emerges that the 44-year-old “burned” the convicted felon.

“This man was brought in at the moment he was preparing to leave Attica and hide the last traces that would provide even more evidence to strengthen the accusation,” emphasized the press representative of EL.AS., Constantina. Timoglido speaks to Mega.

Phones and cards can show the moral culprit to the police

“He has his own machine and then he moved and it is under forensics. The scooter he allegedly used for the murder has not been found yet, but the last evidence we found when this person was brought is very difficult to find if it disappears. They are very important to us,” he added.

Mrs. According to Timoglido:

“Police were in the area who brought the man in, looking for other information about the offender’s movements on the day of the murder, bearing in mind who this man was, but they didn’t know they would be ahead. At that time vital elements of man may escape and destroy. (…)

This person, even though they knew of his past in security, because they were retrained, they didn’t know how he got out of jail or under what circumstances he was out. We see what he was like outside of prison. For some time he was confined in rural jails, but I do not know whether another court later acquitted him of certain acts or offered him release from prison.

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“There is strong evidence that points to this man being guilty of hanging”

According to the press representative of EL.AS:

“His circumstances are not particularly conducive to the murder investigation, but the evidence is there. There is still other evidence that points to this man’s guilt. He is going to apologize to the coroner on Thursday. There is strong evidence that points to this man’s hanging.”

“We really want to hope that the recovered cell phones and the rest of the data that security analysis will help, because we think that in such a crime the physical perpetrator is not moral, we also need to find the moral perpetrator. The murder investigation is ongoing. We will not verify the illegal activities of the victim, their personal or professional “We’re checking what led to someone being disturbed in life. There’s still not enough evidence for this,” he concludes.

For his part, Giorgos Kalliakmanis, Honorary Chief of the N/A Attica Police, speaking to MEGA, said that the Homicide Unit performed very well.

“They saw the man who had been monitoring the area for 24 hours before the execution, went to a relative’s house, went to the basement, left the scooter, took his motorcycle and went to his house. The next day it was the other way around. They looked at the camera and saw where this man went. From then on everything was easy. was.”

As he says:

“It looks like a small car pulls into the parking lot, then someone gets out on a scooter and is missing. The van is missing, and after the murder, a small white car is seen entering the parking lot. They can’t clearly see who’s inside the car. Then one of them takes the scooter and drives off.

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Elements that “burn” him

Evidence from cameras isn’t the only thing. A belt with traces of gun powder and a false ceiling were found in his house along with 2 mobile phones, some SIM cards and a GPS. Phones and cards can show the police the moral culprit and also reveal other illegal activities that this particular person is involved in.”

The 44-year-old, known to authorities, was released from jail.

“He was in a ‘hotel’ prison, which he used to sleep and eat. He would go out at night, rob, and come back. They didn’t give him permission, apparently they gave him the key. Now he was released from prison after murdering and robbing. (…) This “One particular person, the prisons in Trins put him on a speaker’s day to make him aware of issues related to imprisonment,” said Mr. Kalliakmanis adds.