July 22, 2024

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Lasithi: 32-year-old breeder detained for murderous “Palotia”.

Lasithi: 32-year-old breeder detained for murderous “Palotia”.

A 32-year-old man who killed his 36-year-old son on Kataros Plateau in Lasithi last Wednesday night has been remanded in custody pending trial following an agreement between the investigator and the prosecutor. The fatal incident took place during a feast when the accused – as was customary in Crete – threw “babbles” after slaughtering sheep.

The tragic incident took place last Wednesday, July 3, with a 32-year-old man facing manslaughter charges.

Meanwhile, the case took a new twist today as the victim’s mother and his wife came forward Their lawyer is Giorgos KokosalisIn the representation of a civil action in support of the charge, to the investigator.

«The family wants the truth fully clarified. He wants to get a knife to the bone. The mother and wife of the late Georgios Thiagos today filed a plea in support of the charge against the accused for the crime of voluntary manslaughter.“, said the family lawyer. He appointed two technical consultants, Mrs Coroner Elbida Spanoutakis And this The gunman was Ioannis Ciampas «Evaluate and take into account the objective findings of the case file to place and highlight the evidence in its proper context“, added Mr. Kokosalis.

According to the lawyer, things are not so simple within the family and between the two sisters who are in this tragic situation. The victim’s wife lost her husband to her sister’s husband. “Things are not as simple as superficially approached and described in earlier daysMr. Kokosalis refers to the one-sided information of the perpetrator.

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In his statements, the civil action lawyer also addressed this issue of gun, The accused said that he fired with it. It is noted that yesterday, the defendant himself, accompanied by police officers, went to the spot where he indicated he had thrown the weapon, where it was found. Mr. Kokosalis raises several questions about the gun, whether it is the real thing or whether someone has “damaged” it. “To be handed over, I hope the actual gun is handed over, I hope no one tampers with the gun during the days the police search, I hope an honest security approach is taken. , away from maneuvers and other types of situations that can cause an explosion in climatehe said.

Report: Fani Kalathaki