July 22, 2024

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Levita: Island – A sanctuary with three permanent residents

Levita: Island – A sanctuary with three permanent residents

Summer is well and truly here and we’re “walking” around the Greek islands, thirstily soaking up the beautiful images we’re presented with. But this summer, one idea was firmly planted in our minds. A challenge indeed With the dual name “Levita – Kinaros”.

While we’re at it At Patmos, A chance meeting with Stavros reinforces our decision to cross the Ikarian Sea to the Cyclades via these two small and beautiful islands unknown to most Greeks.

“You know, I won’t tell you anything, but since you want to cross Levita, you should know that my origin is from there… My mother lives with my brothers.
Stavros’ words inspired us to do this exact passage. “… Indeed from here (Patmos) you have better weather, and you will come “without asking”.

Check out the team’s amazing drone video Travel inspiration:

After a few days, as the sun is still low, Cape Spanos – in the east of the island – starts “dark”, filling our lungs with ecstasy.

A few miles to the south, the weather, being from the north, calms down and we begin to enjoy the first glimpses of the Aegean and the barren – secluded Levita.

The quiet bay is full of sailboats that spend the night in Levita. Because the island is considered a safe anchorage when sailing from the Cyclades to the Dodecanese.

Levita: A Magic System

Words cannot describe the serenity of the place. from time to time, Quiet conversations are heard through the boats, Because the people there respect the place and the people around them.

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Over time, sailboats raise anchor and continue their journey, and later, new boats appear and take up space in the quiet bay. The family boat is built on a small ship. There are no houses anywhere, only carefree goats roaming around undisturbed.


Travel inspiration

Not even a sample of our mobiles have signal. Well, we can endure a day without contact with the outside world, enjoying the sea and the indescribable silence. After all, it is an opportunity to remember how we lived years ago.

It was noon when Stavros’ brother Manolis appeared on board with his children who had arrived For their “daily jobs”… You see two goats missing on the opposite hill and the “goat rescue” operation is going on very critically before our eyes.

But, it’s a perfect time for some conversation and, frankly, some knowledge.

The Camposo family

So the purpose of our day, after introductions and getting to know each other Visiting Immigration, A ten minute hike uphill and the sun not joking, we set off later to let the sun go down a bit.

So the Camposo family lives permanently on the island. Their history begins in 1820 when Barba’s grandfather Dimitris, husband and father of three, settled on the island. Since then their stories have never stopped.

Although the island is not connected by sea to any other place, it is their love for the land that gives them the courage to continue living where no one else can, despite all obstacles. And the only way to get there is to own a boat.

With adverse circumstances and without their families permanently residing in Patmos, Manolis and Anastasis Mrs. Together with Irene, they spend the winter alone until summer comes and the families are reunited.

After our march towards the village, our surprise was greatest when we passed through the green gate of the settlement.


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small “road” Scaled tables are the best we can imagine. The menu and baking are from the hands of the women, the work of Anastasis, with some of the ingredients produced on site, all of which are pure and delicious.


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But the solution is the real surprise for us. White and green prevail everywhere Two-colored “break” only with tree trunks and no brown samiamide. small church, Prayer and faith are necessary, everything will be clean and beautiful.

We looked around unconsciously Compared to all our other islands, But Athens and our own “way of life”.

And the day is slowly drawing to a close. A day full of different images, unique images, but most of all images that will be etched in our minds and hearts forever.