July 22, 2024

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Emergency control at Korydallos prisons: electronic devices and weapons seized – inmates arrested

Emergency control at Korydallos prisons: electronic devices and weapons seized – inmates arrested

According to the Ministry of Civil Protection, an emergency raid took place last Saturday in Korytalos prisons, specifically in the 4th ward.

In particular, from the control that took place in the cells and common areas of Section 4, electronic devices, knives, rods and skates were confiscated, while arrests were also made.

In detail, the announcement of the Ministry of Education and Culture regarding the control of Korydallos prisons:

“Following the continuous and frequent, regular and extraordinary raids carried out in the country’s prisons, an extraordinary raid was carried out on Saturday 6 July in the 4th ward of Koridalos I prison.

Findings and Arrests

During the emergency wide-scale search of the cells and common areas of the 4th section of the prison, several items were found and confiscated.

Specifically, 6 mobile phones, hands-free headphones, 4 mobile phone chargers, 1 TV box controller, 1 mobile phone box, 8 improvised knives, 2 commercial knives, 1 plastic commercial knife, 3 improvised skids, 1 metal skewer and 16 rods were seized.

Prisoners whose findings were found in prisons were arrested and recommended disciplinary and criminal procedures were followed by competent police officers and the Piraeus Prosecutor’s Office.

Modern Prison Security Policy

The objective of the leadership of the Ministry of Civil Defense, in collaboration with the Directorate General of Anti-Crime Policy, is to take all necessary and appropriate measures to ensure the smooth functioning of prisons and to ensure the safety of prisoners and prison officials. And the whole community.

Conducting frequent inspections is part of Ministry of Civil Defense’s strategic plan for modern prison security policy in prisons.”

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