October 4, 2023

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Almeida: “Everything we were looking for is now covered by transfers, and we won’t have to rely on a plug just to get it”

Almeida: “Everything we were looking for is now covered by transfers, and we won’t have to rely on a plug just to get it”

Matias Almeida focused on the last efforts but also on the cause of the tie with Panserikos.

the Matias Almeida In the press conference he spoke about the last effort but also how this result came against Panserikos (1-1).

For AEK’s 34th and 36th finals in the match, even if it was the most disturbing match: “If we think about it, we’ve come close to the opponent’s goal 40 times and we have a lot of worry and… anxiety. We want to score goals… before we shoot. I know it can be fixed. We have to work on it more. I find it positive that You create phases but that changes it many times and it doesn’t have the desired effect is the opponent’s ability or lack of focus on our part.We even lost a penalty kick tonight.The opponent started and had a phase in 10 seconds.The next phase he scores a goal!Then we tried to make our game “The special. It was 0-1 and the opponent was defending well. Then we created many clear stages. This is football, you don’t score goals in stages.”

If he was concerned that in all four official matches this year, AEK conceded the first goal: “I will repeat what I said recently: for every mistake we pay for it. This way we create an opportunity or two that the opponents take advantage of. Apart from the amazing mistake we made in Zagreb, everything else came from our mistakes. I always see them. We will always try to create. But if you convert The chances you create yourself, the outcome will be different.”

If there is more pressure ahead of Wednesday, there are many missed opportunities tonight: “I see it differently. We’ll have to find a way to train differently. Pressure blocks the world. That’s what I’ve learned in my life. We have to try not to block our players when they go to finish the stage. It’s… period. And I think it will stop.

We think positively. We will discover the mistakes we are making and try to seal the positives that the team is doing. The team the way they played created many chances. If the coup happened, I wouldn’t be able to stay in it. I have to leave it up to the team work and the pros and cons.”

For the first minute of the game, which was the worst first minute. If there is a problem with approaching and if the defense is embarrassed when the opponent plays a vertical football: “I’ll agree to the first minute. It’s not usual for a team to start like that, especially at home. In the second section we study the opponents. We discussed today’s goal before the match. When the goal was scored, we discussed it and said it might hurt us.

There is also the ability to discount. I will divide it into three parts: First I explain it. The opponent made double diagonals. The second is to prevent crosses. The third step will inform us about the movements made by “14” in the corresponding area. And there were three fouls on the defensive post. Of course, there is also the ability of deduction. In terms of Europe, we have faced teams that make different moves than the Greek League. All teams create chances with the teams involved. not with us. They didn’t do that often.

We cut through the stages. On the timing of our defenders: All the players had been playing together for a year and had been playing together before I came along. Everyone knows what they want me to do and how. Everyone trains the same way. I can’t commit to just one action, because it would be like speaking only in view of the outcome. I will not be part of this world. I’m talking to you all about everything. I appreciate and appreciate when a discount “opens up” for us. I appreciate our mistakes. When I was a fan, I was in good shape and in bad shape. In the good times I was supportive of her and in the bad times more so.

This is the spirit I try to carry with my players until my last day in training. When things go wrong, everyone looks for someone to blame. We’re all in this together in good times and bad. We will insist on working and correcting our mistakes as we did last year.”

There is a case for additional transportation assistance: “Now everything we were looking for is covered. Then there’s something else. We can get tampons. I don’t want someone to bring them in. I chose to have a new baby tonight who made his first appearance. We were all young, we’ve all had our first day. And I Whoever picks them. I saw Chrysopoulos was doing well in training, and he was watching Garcia. When you’re young, you get around it by buying toys. He’ll keep getting better.”